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Phew! I know that lesson was a heavy read. Sorry about that. You will see these sorts of things pretty frequently around Nukapedia, and before you know it, all these things will be seared into your memory. Below are a few questions all about page management. You are gonna ace it!

Quiz 14 (Page management)

# Type Question
1 Fill in the blank Templates that are focused on image issues are ________ in color.
2 Fill in the blank All page management templates go at the very top of the article with the exception of the _____ and _____ templates.
3 Fill in the blank By using a game-specific abbreviation in a template, the article will be automatically placed in the corresponding ________ category.
4 Fill in the blank An article that is undergoing significant changes on a temporary basis should be marked with the _______ template.
5 True or false Adding the {{delete}} template results in the automatic deletion of the article it is added to.
6 True or false Additional information should be added after a vertical line in each template except the stub template.
7 True or false The game abbreviations for the first and second games in the Fallout series are FO1 and FO2.
8 Short answer Section templates should be placed where in the article?
9 Short answer What is the appropriate edit to make to an article that has been written thoroughly and appears in a stub category?
10 Short answer What are the overarching reasons page management templates are utilized on Nukapedia?
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