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Great job so far, we are moving right along. I am excited and I hope you are as well. This quiz will be half quiz and half practical application. Without further ado!

Quiz 11 (Infoboxes)

# Question
1 True or false: Adding new lines to an infobox template will allow missing fields to be added.
2 True or false: Infoboxes have different fields based on what kind of article they are utilized for.
3 True or false: To fix multiple infoboxes aligning next to one another instead of on top of one another, use a line break (<br />) between them.
4 True or false: Utilizing infoboxes is required on all mainspace articles.
5 True or false: Infoboxes in and of themselves do not add articles to specific categories.

Quiz 11 (Navigation)

Go to Category:Disambiguation and hunt for a character name. Find three examples - remember, with parenthesis only, like Kate (dog) - of where the "for" template navigation line could be used to point back to the disambiguation page and add the line to the article. Then report back with the articles you fixed.

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