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Categories allow readers to navigate through Nukapedia and find related articles with ease! Here are some questions about how categories are used best on Nukapedia. As you can tell, my interest is overwhelmingly about location articles and categories, but the examples apply and can be found across all of Nukapedia. Here we go!

Quiz 16-1 (Categories)

# Question
1 True or false: The very top category, from where all categories originate on Nukapedia, is Category:Nukapedia.
2 True or false: There is no limit to how many categories an article can belong to.
3 True or false: The alphabetical order of items under a category can be changed based on user preference.
4 True or false: The TOC template is generally used for categories that have a small number of pages.
5 True or false: Images have their own special image subcategories to keep them all in one spot.
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Quiz 16-2 (Categories)

For the second part, we will be going on a category field trip! Sounds boring?! Okay, let's go!

We are going to start in a very specific category - Category:Fallout 76 weapon mods - and I want you to use the category links at the top to climb (or descend?) through the categories all the way until you reach the end. The goal of this is to introduce you to a lot of categories that you would have never seen otherwise, and to see what is inside of them. Especially the ones throughout Category:Fallout series and Category:Fallout setting. Tell me a few categories you did not know existed, or that you had fun poking through. Make sure to pay attention to how these categories are organized as you climb (or fall?) through the trees. You don't have to provide any answers for this part.

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