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Today we will briefly review navboxes, the tiny bar at the bottom that holds a lot of helpful information for navigating between articles!


Navboxes are a very helpful tool. They are a grouping of links used in multiple related articles to facilitate navigation between those articles.

Standard navboxes are auto-collapsed by default, and can be edited by clicking the tiny "e" on the corner of the box. They should be inserted in all articles of that group at the very bottom of an article, just above the categories. There are many navboxes that you can use, all of which can be seen here. Several navboxes can be used on any one article, listed one after another.


We will use the Goodsprings navbox as an example. Travel to the Goodsprings article and spot it at the very bottom, after all the references. You can see the Fallout: New Vegas locations navbox too, right underneath. Copy and paste the following template, resulting in the navbox below.


{{Navbox Goodsprings}}

Results in:

Great! So you can click "expand" to see the contents and view the little "e" you need to click to edit it. Navboxes must be edited when an article is deleted, merged, has a name change, or any other situation that would mean the navbox would become out of date. It also must be updated when a page is added.


Navboxes should only be added to articles if the article itself is in the navbox. Weird to type that out, but let me explain. Lets traverse over to the Goodsprings navbox template page real quick. At the very bottom of your screen, and the article, there will be a little option that says "my tools" and upon clicking, an option to select "what links here" which leads to this page. There is another tool "what really links here" which I will explain shortly.

These are all the articles that the navbox is currently used on. It should match the contents of the navbox. You can compare the two and make changes as needed, by either adding items to the navbox that belong there or removing the navbox from articles that it was added to in error.

If you look just down below, you can spy the Vault Academy navbox I made for these lessons. It shows all the lessons, quizzes, in one single spot. Very helpful when I am frantically trying to remember where that link I wanted to change three weeks ago went. Woo! If you click expand, you can also see that the current article is always bolded. Cool huh?

Quiz 13 (Navboxes)

Quiz time!
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