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Nukapedia has several sections, and today we will learn about its layout.


Each page on the wiki belongs to a group called a namespace, a type of page and collection of pages with similar purposes. The namespace of a page is indicated by the word preceding the colon in the page title. For example, "Talk: Render Unto Caesar" is a page in the "talk" namespace. If there is no prefix and colon, the page belongs to the "main" namespace, or "mainspace."


Most of the namespaces are rarely seen by editors but keep the wiki running smoothly behind the scenes. A list of common namespaces that editors should become familiar with is in the table below.

Prefix Information Examples
Main Informational content of the wiki, the content articles. It is the default namespace and does not use a prefix. Only the main namespace articles are indexed by public search engines.
User Information about users of the wiki. Can including main user pages, sandboxes, and sub-pages (more about that soon). The page you are reading right now is a user page. Generally, this namespace has links to one's talk page, shows contributions, and can be personalized as an "about me" page.
File Pages in this namespace are the images that appear in the articles. They are used for categorizing and keeping a history of the images. Other types of files are also included, such as videos. The "File:" prefix is usually hidden except when in edit mode.
Talk Articles have associated talk pages, used to discuss changes to the corresponding page. The talk namespaces are designated by adding "Talk:" to the normal prefix. For main articles, it will display as "Talk:Name of article." For users, it is a way that we can communicate with one another, and talk pages display as "User talk:Name of user."
Category This namespace contains categories of pages, files, and subcategories, each displaying a list of pages in that category. Categories are the tapestry on which the articles are created and keep everything organized. The "Category:" prefix is usually hidden except when in edit mode.

Prefix lookup

There is a helpful tool on the "All pages with prefix" page, where you can select any type of namespace from the dropdown to see a list of every single page in that group. The "display pages with prefix" box is optional and has its own purposes that we will learn about later on.

Article layout

Now that we have an introduction to the types of pages that are on the wiki, we can focus on the types of articles. There are many types, and we will go over the most common. There are guidelines to follow to keep each article consistent. As you see the layout of an article type over and over, you will soon be able to spot when things are amiss with ease.

Before and after article content

Although the content of articles will differ, the items before and after the content itself will follow the same order when applicable. The following links will show overviews of the standard article layout. It shows the order of items before the main body of info, and after. Every article does not need to have all of these layout items. For now, just read over them briefly to review the order of sections.

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Before and after the article content

Article content by type

For the ordering of the actual article content, information is based on what type of article it is. There are many types, and each will have its own nuances. For now, just read over them briefly to review the order of sections and we will go over the details bit by bit.

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Character articles Creature articles Item articles Location articles Quest articles

Bonus lesson: Batching edits

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It is important when updating any article that if there are many edits to make on an article, that we try to do as many as we can at once instead of one by one (called "batching edits"). The reason for this is that when another editor begins to make an edit after you, their work will be in vain if the article is changed again while they work on their own addition. We all make mistakes or think of something else to add afterward (me probably the worst culprit) so don't get down on yourself if that happens, just keep it in your mind!

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