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Today we will briefly review images, which help to make Nukapedia as beautiful as can be! Images are a huge part of the article creation and maintenance process, from uploading, categorizing, maintaining, and replacing. Onward to the knowledge!

Standards for images

This topic has an entire Nukapedia policy about it, which you can see here. Instead of just sending you there (although you should read it), I want to point out the specific things (and hows) of image management that you will use fairly regularly as an editor (and more-so as a patroller and up).


Images should be crisp, and as high of resolution as possible. For in-game exteriors, try to capture photos during daylight hours facing sunlight (as applicable). Images should never include parts of the UI (HUD, crosshair) unless the point of the given image is to illustrate the UI itself. On PC, you can accomplish this by hitting the tilde key ~ and using the console command tm or photomode in Fallout 76, with the background depth on (not blurry), and no filters.

Labeling and categories


Each photo must have a descriptive name. The suggested format is Game abbreviation + Content of the photo. For example, a picture of a traffic cone in the toxic dump of Fallout: New vegas could be FNV Toxic dump traffic cone. If there are more than one similar photo, you can use numbers after, such as FNV Toxic dump traffic cone 1 and FNV Toxic dump traffic cone 2. If you ever see a photo that is labeled as "Download.jpg" or "iaur9w8rhdj.png" just tag it with {{clean up}} and anyone with content moderator rights or above can fix the name.


Each photo must also have a licensing statement and be placed in its most specific category. A list of all the categories is here. The licensing statement is simply {{Copyright game abbreviation}} or for example {{Copyright FNV}}. Most categories have corresponding categories for their images. For example, Category: Fallout: New Vegas weapons has Category:Fallout: New Vegas weapon images, where all the images should be.

A good trick is to go to a similar image, click edit, and copy and paste the same to the new image. Some editors choose to add a summary of what the photo is about, but this is optional.The final result should look like

{{Copyright FNV}}

[[Category:Fallout: New Vegas weapon images]]

There are some places images go that have unique categories. Here are a few off the topic of my head (certainly not an exhaustive list):


Adding images is one of my favorite parts of editing, and really helps to improve our articles. You can see all the newest images uploaded by going to this page. There are several ways to upload images to Nukapedia. They can be added in the edit mode of any individual main space article, on the right hand side by clicking photo option or via the single upload page here. When an article already has a gallery, there is a green button underneath that has an option to add to that gallery as well.

To upload many images at once and automate the licensing and category additions for similar images, there is third party software called WikiUp that is free and awesome, ask me about it if interested and I can help set you up with it.

Format options

In articles, we can manipulate photos to be different sizes or aligned in different ways. You can use these tips on your user page, too, or really anywhere.

To have a photo show up outside of an infobox or gallery, we write it like this:

[[File:FNV Cool road sign.png]]

TIW FNV 515.png

By adding "thumb" the image with auto-align to the right, as a small version (if the img was bigger):

[[File:FNV Cool road sign.png|thumb]]

TIW FNV 515.png

You can change the alignment just by writing left or right like this:

[[File:FNV Cool road sign.png|right]]
[[File:FNV Cool road sign.png|left]]
TIW FNV 515.png
TIW FNV 515.png

But it might make it too big, so you can also choose the size like this:

[[File:FNV Cool road sign.png|right|25px]]
[[File:FNV Cool road sign.png|right|50px]]
[[File:FNV Cool road sign.png|right|75px]]
TIW FNV 515.png
TIW FNV 515.png
TIW FNV 515.png

Special pages for images

Lots of fun things can be learned in Special:SpecialPages, and a few are directly related to images.

And for good measure, the other links included above, for reference:

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