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The following will serve as your Final Exam for the general editing program with kdarrow for the Vault Academy. I hope you have learned many things in your lessons, and that you continue on to many more fulfilling days as a Nukapedian.

Next steps

Following the test

After the test is over, I will inform the program leadership, and we will have a little celebration for your graduation. You will be standing among your similarly successful peers in the Ceremonial Hall of the Vault Academy for all of eternity! If you have an interest, consider serving as a mentor yourself sometime in the future.

A note from your mentor

This is a very exciting time and just the beginning! We have the cool hobby of always thinking about Fallout, writing about Fallout, discussing Fallout with our fellow Fallout interested peers, and helping others find information easily, all contributing to a body of knowledge that grows exponentially each day. I hope that the motivation you feel today will last forever, but do not ever feel bad about taking breaks and tending to other things. We will always be here. And remember, I am always available for you, for anything, at anytime. Oh and just know that I am so proud of you! (I'm not crying, you're crying!)

-kdarrow Pickman heart.png take her for a spin!

Final Exam

Part 1: True/False

True or false
# Question Answer
1 Plural links with a vertical bar should always have the "s" outside of the brackets. The "s" outside brackets is preferred in cases where a plural is simply being added to the article title. It's not clear to me whether this works for piped links or not, but I'm guessing the standard practice is just to include them inside in that case. I'm a bit confused about what this is asking so I'm not really sure I can say "true" or "false."
2 A platform should be added to a bug only in cases where the bug applies to more than one platform simultaneously. False, the platform should always be included.
3 Minor edits are signified in the recent changes page by an "m" to the left of the entry. True.
4 The main space is the default namespace of the wiki and does not use a prefix. True.
5 All templates add an associated category without the need for doing so manually. False, in some cases fields can automatically add categories, but generally they have to be added manually.
6 The discussions moderator special user rights level does not require a community vote. False, it does.
7 A userbox is used on the upper right hand corner of articles, giving an overview based on what kind of article it describes. False, that's an infobox.
8 Typing three tildes will result in your signature appearing without the date and time stamp. True (well, unless you add a timestamp to your signature like I did)
9 A sandbox is a type of user page that gives one a place to practice editing. I'm not sure I follow the wording here, it's treated as a subpage of your page in the User namespace, and you're free to do whatever you want with it, so true I guess?
10 An article's layout and organization is governed by its content type. True

Part 2: Fill in the blanks

Fill in the blanks
# Question Answer
1 The time duration one must serve as content moderator before applying for administrative rights is ________. I don't think there's a specific requirement that you have to be a content moderator?
2 _____________ templates are used to point to articles that are close in name or related. For
3 An article that is undergoing significant changes on a temporary basis should be marked with the _______ template. Under construction
4 The _______ template for category pages displays a link to the category's main article. catmore
5 To fix multiple infoboxes aligning next to one another instead of on top of one another, add ________ between them. clear, in the double curly braces (too lazy right now to look up how to format that properly)
6 The navigational "for" template should only be used when an article's name has ____________. A parenthetical, I think, but I'm not sure whether that's universal since Seth has one, for instance.
7 Page management templates are used when fixes are needed, to bring it to the attention of other editors or administrators, and are differentiated into types by ______. color
8 The stub template should be added to the ________ of an article. bottom
9 The ________ template lets other editors know that a reference was mentioned but none was provided and is therefore needed in the article. citation needed
10 The ________ tool is located at the very bottom of every article, providing the option to see all the other pages that link to the article. What links here

Part 3: Essay

Question Answer
Define "assume good faith" in your own words and explain the sentiment's importance to the Nukapedia community. You should assume that other editors are being genuine and trying to do what is best for the wiki, rather than assuming hostile motives or that people are doing things to spite you, or any other bad faith motives. If you don't do this, discussions about editing quickly become hostile and toxic for everyone involved, which is not healthy for the community and is honestly sort of ridiculous since at the end of the day, this is just a fan wiki about a video game series. It's also better to discuss changes with people rather than reverting their changes without comment and sparking edit wars, which will also escalate hostility.

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