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Today we will briefly review categories, which is a significantly important part of Nukapedia organization!


Categories are used to link articles under a common topic and are found at the top (but added to the bottom) of the article page. Clicking the category name displays a list of articles in that category, below a list of sub-categories. Categories allow readers to navigate through Nukapedia and find related articles with ease! All content pages (articles and files) should belong to at least one category.

It is easy for categories to get tricky, and is one of the toughest structural things to wrap your head around (at least for me) so don't be too worried if this all seems like a blur. The best way to determine what category an article should be placed in is by looking at similar articles. Like a massive upside down tree, all categories start with Category:Main category and become more specific as one progresses.


If you think way back, you will remember that category is one of the name spaces, and the way we write categories is like this:


To make a new category, you can simply write it as a red link, click on it, and create as you would any other article. Category names should generally be plural unless this is impossible or awkward to do.


Images have their own categories, which are usually the name of the subject + images, like Category:Fallout 3 world object images. Always categorize images in their special image subcategory.

Changing alphabetical order

TIW Category ex 3.png

You can do some cool things with categories to make them align differently. For example, if there is an article with its own identically named category, you can put it at the top of the list instead of alphabetized with everything else, by writing the category on the article like this:

[[Category:Gomorrah| ]]

If you look at the Gomorrah example here, instead of showing up under "G" in alphabetical order, now it stands at the top of the category.

You can also change the general alphabetical order with the vertical bar method. If I wanted something to be alphabetized differently, I can do the following. Let's say I wanted to have Category:Gomorrah characters show up in Category:Gomorrah under the letter "C" instead of "G" - I could write it like this:


Where to add subcategories

TIW Category ex 1.png

For these articles with their own identically named category, the only category the article should be under is it's own. Ok, that sounds bizarre, so here is a visual.

But what about all the other categories Gomorrah should be under? Well, they are tacked on to the category instead of the article. Strange sounding? Yes! So here is another visual.

TIW Category ex 2.png

That way, the category Gomorrah and the article Gomorrah won't both show up under Fallout: New Vegas locations, for example.


The reason I came out of the gate with that information is that an important part of understanding categories is the idea that we should always avoid redundancy or duplication of categories. Our policies lay this out clearly here, with the overarching best practice of:

A content page should be placed in only the most specific category (or categories) out of a given branch of the category tree.— Nukapedia content guidelines

That means that a location would not be put under both Category:Locations and Category:Fallout: New Vegas locations, it would only be under the more specific one, Fallout: New Vegas locations. It is completely fine for an article or category to be included in many, many categories. Just as long as they are all as specific as can be.

TIW Category ex 4.png

Hint time! - The easiest way to look for the redundancies is spotting the category and article side by side. For example, the photo to the right, if you visit Category:Fallout 4 locations, you can see Suffolk County Charter School and Category:Suffolk County Charter School right next to each other. Try to spot the duplicates this way to make it easier on yourself.

Navigation templates

Both of these templates are for categories, to help aid in navigation. They will go at the very top of the page.


This is a template for category pages that displays a link to the category's main article. It can be placed at the top and looks like this:



It will automatically fill in the name of the article. See how it is trying to pull this page and looks bad and ugly with a red link? If you want to send it somewhere else, just use a vertical line with where you want it to go. Better!

{{Catmore|Fallout 2 characters}}
For more detailed information on this category, please visit the topic article: Fallout 2 characters.

Table of contents

This template adds a table of contents (TOC) to a category page in the form of an alphabet, so aid in navigation. Mostly used for categories with a large number of pages (500+).


Top · 0-9 · A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Fallout 76 infobox

One odd man out is a part of Fallout 76 infoboxes that contain keywords. These keywords automatically add the page to a category. It is important to note because the categories on the top of the page will not all be located on the bottom of the edit screen in these situations. We can take a look at the Whitespring Resort article. The infobox information is located at the bottom, and it looks like this:

|crafting         ={{Crafting stations F76
|armor            =yes
|weapons          =yes
|chems            =yes
|cooking          =yes
|power armor      =yes
|tinkering        =yes

Which will automatically add the page to the associated categories:

Fallout 76 locations with armor workbenches
Fallout 76 locations with weapons workbenches
Fallout 76 locations with chemistry workstations
Fallout 76 locations with cooking stations
Fallout 76 locations with power armor stations
Fallout 76 locations with tinker's workbenches


To see all of the categories or the categories in their "tree" form, you can visit these resources to become acquainted:

What a fun day, learning all about categories. Check out the quiz below to show me your newly-honed skills.

Quiz 16 (Categories)

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