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Today we will dive in and learn all the ins and outs of canon, to understand what it means, the policies surrounding it, and how it applies to our editing here at Nukapedia.

Canon[edit | edit source]

You will hear a lot about something being "canon" or not as an editor. Canon refers to what is reliable information that we know about the world of Fallout. Reliable means that it comes from one of the currently licensed games that the current intellectual property owner, Bethesda Softworks, has acknowledged as canon.

A big part of editing is making sure that everything we add to the wiki is something that can be independently verified and that we reference it correctly. We must be rigorous, steadfast, and bold in removing unverified information, or relegating it to the correct section of an article. Information directly from within the following games is considered canon:

Anything included within these games is canon and everything outside of these games is not. This includes characters, locations, events, dialogue, notes, holotapes, inscriptions, and anything else you may happen upon in the games. Bethesda's Creation Club and Atomic Shop items are treated as out of game, since they require a purchase.

You may hear things like "supplemental canon" or "dependent canon" or other ways of phrasing it, but as long as you remember that anything included within these games is canon and everything outside of these games is not, you can help to make the wiki a more trustworthy, transparent, accessible, and verifiable source of information for everyone.

Referencing[edit | edit source]

Since there is more information outside of the canon games that may be applicable, whether it be game guides or developer comments or other behind the scenes information, we can still make references in our articles to these sources of information, but we must differentiate between non-canon and canon information by a special reference tag.

Anything that is not canon should be referenced with the following:

Replace <ref> at the beginning of the reference with:

<ref group="Non-game" />

To display under the references section of an article, add the following under the section:

<references group="Non-game" />

So it appears like:

<references group="Non-game" />

Quiz 20 (Canon)[edit | edit source]

Now we will go to the quiz, so you can show off your knowledge of all the things we learned about canonicity.

Quiz time!
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