Item Location Quest Char./Cont. Extra
Hellfire power armor Listening Post Bravo Pyromaniac Pyro
Horse power armor Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ Giddyup! Scabby Scabby's journal
Betty Buttercup
Chinese stealth armor South Boston military checkpoint Can You See Me Now? Trunk
Prototype Gauss rifle Gunners plaza The Prototype Gunner commander
Doom BFG Red Rocket (Glowing Sea) From Hell Mercy Argent plasma cell

Rest of the items deposited or craftable.



  • Quest: fe0xx86c, XP: 150
  • Pyro: fe0xx852, fe0xx86a
  • Location: southeast of Listening Post Bravo
  • Hellfire power armor: fe0xx801 - fe0xx805, 86e, 86f, value:, lo: 0e
  • Loading screen: The Hellfire Power Armor was created by the Enclave after the Great War, at Adams Air Force Base in Maryland. Typically paired with a Flamer, it offers high energy resistance, and can be modified to surpass nearly all other models in damage resistance.
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Find and kill "Pyro"A murderous member of The Forged has been terrorizing the Commonwealth in a suit of Enclave Hellfire Power Armor. I need to find them and take them down.
20Icon checkQuest complete


  • Quest: fe0xx872, XP: 150
  • Scabby: fe0xx85b fe0xx86d, clothing: varies on level
  • Location: Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ
  • Horse power armor: fe0xx801 - fe0xx805, value:, lo: 0b
  • Scabby's journal KEEP OUT fe0xx85c: on Scabby, value: 0, 0
  • Betty Buttercup: fe0xx90b weight: 3, value: 36, steel: 2, spring: 2
  • Loading screen: The Horse Power Armor is a unique set, created by a demented Raider obsessed with the Giddyup Buttercup. Featuring increased movement speed and jump height, it's off to the races!
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Find the Horse Power ArmorRumor has it a group of Raiders have created the fastest Power Armor in the Commonwealth. I should take it from them before they have a chance to use it.
20Icon checkQuest Complete

Can You See Me Now?Edit

  • Quest: fe0xx800, XP: 250
  • Trunk
  • Location: South Boston military checkpoint
  • Chinese stealth armor: fe0xxf99, value: 750, weight: 24, armor rating: 62, lo: 06
  • Loading screen: Used by both the Crimson Dragoon troops and Black Ghost counterinsurgency squads during the Great War, Chinese Stealth Armor relies on light modulation technology to render its wearer virtually invisible. In fact, this technology was the basis for the U.S. military's portable "Stealth Boy" units.
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
0 Steal Chinese Stealth ArmorGunners have found a rare set of Chinese Stealth Armor. I should steal it from them before they figure out how to make it work.
1000Icon checkQuest completeI successfully stole the Chinese Stealth Armor from the Gunners.

The PrototypeEdit

  • Quest: fe0xx802, XP: 150
  • Gunner commander: fe0xx800, fe0xx856
  • Location: Gunners plaza
  • Gauss rifle prototype: fe0xxfa0, value: 190, DPS: 45, lo: 05
  • 2mm EC (Fallout 4): value: 10, weight: 0.1280
  • Loading screen: The Gauss Rifle Prototype uses magnetic induction to propel a projectile at incredible, and devastating speed. Each crank of its handle loads an additional 2mm Electromagnetic Cartridge, and the weapon can be cranked multiple times to increase the damage of a single shot.
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
0 Retrieve the Gauss Rifle PrototypeRumors are swirling that a Gunner unit has found a prototype gauss rifle.
1000Icon checkQuest completeI retrieved the Gauss Rifle Prototype.

From HellEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
0 Obtain the BFG9000A highly experimental, extremely powerful weapon of unknown origins was recently uncovered. An expelled member of the Children of Atom who goes by the name "Mercy" has acquired this weapon, and plans to use it against the people of the Commonwealth. I should stop him while I still can.
10Icon checkQuest completeI've taken care of Mercy and taken the experimental weapon - the BFG9000.
  • Settlement Managing Software
  • Miscellaneous(?)

Scabby's journalEdit

Scabby's Log 10/11Edit


Man oh man, me and the boys hit the jackpot with this place! So much pricey junk here, I can hack it up and fix up the boy's power armors, or use it to lure traders here and whack 'em. Jet first, plan later!

Scabby's Log 10/12Edit


We've been havin' a blast ripping this place up and trashin' everything, but y'know, I'll be damned if these Giddyup Buttercup heads ain't actually kinda cute. Maybe it's the Jet talking, but I think I'm gonna keep one! I think I'll call her Betty. Betty Buttercup... wait, no, what am I saying?!

Scabby's Log 10/14Edit


"When you gonna fix our armor huh?" "Why you spending all that time with those little ponies huh Scabby?" that's all they say. These pricks don't get me, but I swear Betty does. I can tell her anything. She understands me!! It's like those little button eyes can read my soul. She told me to protect her friends, so I've been keeping the boys away from the Giddyup stash, tellin' 'em I need 'em to fix up their gear. They won't understand. They never understand! These Giddyups are my real friends!

Scabby's Log 10/15Edit


Those fuckers!! Last night they shook out my coat while I was sleeping and found Betty in there. They started laughing and calling me "Pony boy" and taking turns kicking her head back and forth. Then they smashed her to bits! Oh god they smashed Betty! They have no idea what's comin' to 'em now.

Scabby's Log 10/18Edit


These pricks think I've been working on their armors this past few days, but they've got another thing coming. Betty told me in my dreams how to get revenge. I've used the bits and pieces of my Betty and her friends to make the fastest Power Armor anyone's ever seen. They think it's for them, but when I fire it up tonight to show them how it works, I'm gonna make them beg forgiveness, and take 'em all out, one by one!! You don't fuck with Scabby!!

For now, I gotta play along like everything's just fine. We got some traders coming by we're gonna knock over, sounds like they're here now...

Morgan's space suitEdit

lo: 04 fe0xxf99, value: 100, weight: 8, armor rating: 5, ER: 50, RR: 1000

Doom marine armorEdit

lo: 0c

  • fe0xx800, value: 500, weight: 20, armor rating: 90, ER: 150, RR: 1000
  • fe0xx804 (helmet), value: 150, weight: 3, armor rating: 15, ER: 15

Handmade shotgunEdit

lo: 12

  • fe0xx804, value: 30, DPS: 21
  • Ghoul Slayer, unique, fe0xx889

Pip-Boy paint jobsEdit

  • Onyx paint: Midnight black paint job. oil: 1, weight: 0.1, value: 8, lo: 00
  • Desert camouflage paint: lo: 01
  • Swamp camouflage paint: Green and brown camouflage paint job., lo: 02
  • Chrome paint: Chromium-plated paint job, lo: 03

Power armor paint jobsEdit

  • Onyx Paint (perk) fe0xx807. 10% Harder to detect in dim light.
  • Onyx paint: Adhesive 4, Aluminum 3, Plastic 2, value: 200, weight: 0.5 lo: 07
  • Desert Camouflage Paint (perk)
  • Desert camouflage paint: lo: 08
  • Swamp Camouflage Paint (perk) fe0xx803: 20% Harder to detect when sneaking, 10% less Movement Detection.
  • Swamp camouflage paint: Harder to detect when sneaking with all pieces painted. Adhesive 3, Aluminum 4, Plastic 4, lo: 09
  • Chrome plating: Increases Energy Resistance. Adhesive 5, Aluminum 3, Nuclear material 5, Steel 5, value: 200, weight: 0.5, lo: 0a

Military backpackEdit

lo: 0f

  • Military Backpack - Explosives Gear DMG (perk) fe0xx916. Plus 5% damage with explosives.
  • Container: fe0xx825

Modern furnitureEdit

lo: 11, 20 variants


  • 00 - Onyx paint
  • 01 - Desert camouflage paint
  • 02 - Swamp camouflage paint
  • 03 - Chrome paint
  • 04 - Morgan's space suit
  • 05 - Gauss rifle
  • 06 - Chinese stealth armor
  • 07 - Onyx paint (power armor)
  • 08 - Desert camouflage paint (pa)
  • 09 - Swamp camouflage paint (pa)
  • 0a - Chrome plating
  • 0b - Horse power armor
  • 0c - Doom marine armor
  • 0d - BFG 9000
  • 0e - Hellfire power armor
  • 0f - Military backpack
  • 10 - Modern furniture
  • 11 - Handmade shotgun
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