League Of Partners

History: A Long and varied history Florida has had- Oldest U.S. city, and yet some of the highest tech in those tourist destinations for years. One thing the tourism industry had was a familiarity with maintaining mass amounts of people- and one company in particular had a particularly high success rate of keeping one's vacation exactly that while preparing for the worst.

The Enchanting Castle theme park opened in the last quarter of the 20th century, complete with underground tunnels and vaults leading to all portions of the park. As the resource war began, the company shifted to prepare for this new threat, hurricanes becoming the lesser worry. The underground sectors were reinforced, and supplies began rolling in. Simulations and research divisions were made and by the time the bombs dropped in 2077, the occupants of the Rolly's Not Quite Intimidating Halloween Party were moved safely into the underground sector. By their reckoning, cast members and guests initially numbered at exactly 13,750. Within five years, 14,000 survivors.

As land is wont to do, it trades 'ownership' throughout the decades. The Central Florida band, from Cocoa, across Orlando, to Tampa, changed many times- first group lasting a year, and its predecessors getting progressively better at remaining after. All of them operated without notice of the underground theme park's veritable city until the last was in decline. They had encountered a particularly rough winter, and it'd seemed these people (who didn't glow and put fake people on stakes) had solutions. Being an educated lot, they had taught the most recent group much about surviving and asked that they merely left their 'holy city' alone. (Holy City being a dub of the 'natives', who had never seen anything remotely vault like.) The group decided to give the reins over to them.

Unrest, they discovered, pervaded the state- sending emissaries around to assess their surroundings, they found a need for militia, as well as a call for another staple of what was being called The Partners; missionaries of the mind. One by one, they fixed the shattered entities problems and found themselves the caretakers of the state. By the end of their conquest (A term used lightly in view of the little bloodshed that had been used) the Okeefenokee swamp that separated them from a portion of Georgia's line had proven inhospitable to all missionaries and settlers. Whether or not a tribe or few had survived there was hard to say- but those who went in had to fight to come back- and usually didn't.

Government: Ran by a Council of Elders, complete with seats added for each society that has fallen under the partners' care. Made up of at least 5 from the home town of Castle, it is obviously more concentrated on the concerns of " Casey's home team." The council is voted upon every five years, and must be citizens.

Military/Education: Falls into place with Education- as public education is a HIGHLY recommended part of society within the League, the need of military is stressed. Part of general classes is training with firearms and in survival, and before graduation to citizen can be achieved, some manner of travel must be done, be it by Active Service, the Missionary work, or 3rd party. Currently strongest on Information and Scouting, the military is working to shift into a progressionary position, with hopes of spreading out. Most military command sorts graduated with top marks in both the physical and knowledgeable sides of their schooling, plenty capable of helping civilization leaders in dealing with problems in passing.

   Missionary Line: The other division of the Education is the Missionary work- wandering teachers that travel about, solving mostly technological and scientific dilemmas that groups have. They are every bit as honored by the central source as military, and never completely helpless to boot. They work with what they are best at, typically.

as a side note to the education aspect- allowances are made for those unable to travel

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