aka Xorane

  • I live in Germany
  • I was born on July 5
  • My occupation is Industrial clerk
  • I am Male

We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.Andrew Ryan

Welcome to my userpage, the name is André. Going by the handle Findabair on this wiki and as Xorane in most online games.

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Q & AEdit

I have been asked some really weird (and some not so weird) questions in my life and just thought, I'd share them here:


Even though it sounds like a cliche, my first game ever played was Pong on a gray unbranded box, which qualified as a console in the '80s, I guess. I then moved on to such classics like Superstar Ice Hockey on the C64, Gorillas on my first laptop and after having bought my first PC, I eventually met Fallout - and have been hooked on the series ever since.

Appalachian AntiquesEdit

Fallout4 junk jet
You have been given something to get that junk moving even faster than before.
Your efforts and diligence have not gone unnoticed, and you have been given a small token of appreciation.
You're a better man than I. Good work on all the junk stuff. --DankalorYT 16:20, July 26, 2020 (UTC)
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