I'm just a fan of Fallout 3 with dreams of having the PC version to use the G.E.C.K. (editor).

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About Me

I go out of my way to accuire every single unique item in the entire game, even if that means glitches. Like the glitch in The Superhuman Gambit where you can accuire both Ant's Sting and Protectron's Gaze. I also managed to get two Wazer Wifles.

The next thing I'm going to do is try to lead the Evergreen Mills Behemoth to the other Behemoth in the Jury Street Metro station to see how they interact. I hear that they will fight each other, obviously the one with the club will win.


{{creature stats gamebryo |Strength=10 |Perception=9 |Endurance=9 |Charisma=9 |Intelligence=9 |Agility=9 |Luck=10 |Level=30 |Hit Points=2000 |Skill=100 |Attack Damage=N/A |Special Damage=N/A |XP=66,700 }}


As you can see, I am a very good person. Unlike some assholes out there who do nothing on Fallout 3 but kill every single person in the whole fucking game, I make friends. Every settlement listed here is one of the many places I stop by at when I'm in the neighborhood. Megaton, obviously, is my home town where I collect bobbleheads, research mutant anatomy, and make big money off of Radscorpion Poison Gland. Those things are worth a lot. I don't know what people do with them, but all I really care about are the caps.



Charon was, apparently, brain washed by a certain group of individuals. Those individuals are unknown to me, but the way Ahzrukhal said it made it seem like Charon was a slave or a raider. Further more, he is completely loyal to anyone who holds his contract. After buying his contract and taking ownership of him, he killed Ahzrukhal in revenge for all the dreadful things he has done in the past.

Because he is a ghoul, not to sound like a bigot, but he reminds me of zombie nature. Because of this, I gave him my Tribal power armor from The Pitt (city). The armor is fashioned with bones and skulls so I figured it fit him. Figurativly speaking, the armor itself didn't really fit him as he was kind of tall. I had to adjust the length and add extra metal to it. He is armed with The Terrible Shotgun, weilds a Combat knife, and throws Frag grenade.


Dogmeat is an Australian Cattle Dog cross breed with German Shepherd. He was found in Scrapyard where is master was killed by raiders. I managed to save him, the dog, but his master suffered from blood loss and died. I took the liberty of adopting Dogmeat as his new master and took him into my home. He's a vicious one, I'll give you that, but he's loyal and well trained. He completelly understands English.

As he does not use weapons, he is great for distracting hostiles. His teeth are thicker than my armor and stronger than my muscles, and he is very useful for unlocking doors. He is also very handy when it comes to retrieving things out of my reach. I'm glad to be the species of a dog's best friend.



Something troubling you, my friend?

As many of you know, Fawkes is intelligent in comparison to his ill minded bretheren. He has retained intellect, unlike most test subjects, and has proven to be one of the most civilized mutants alive. I think it is because he did not lose his mind during the transformation, as most victims tend to go mad over the pain that inflicts there body.

Even without his Gatling laser, he is most dangerous when it comes to close range combat. He wields his special sledgehammer and likes using Frag Grenades.

Star Paladin Cross

Star Paladin Cross is a high ranking member of the Brotherhood of Steel. She accompanied my father years ago in escorting us from Project Purity to Megaton. After that, me and my dad took refuge in Vault 101, but I guess you already knew that, huh?

She has seen much death in the past, and therefore sees no remorse others' deaths, but does feel eager to bring peace and justice throughout the wastes. She wears Winterized T-51b power armor and weildings the Precision Gatling laser, as well as various Plasma grenade. Like all my other followers and me, she speaks profoundly and chooses her words well. She is much like my father and is like a mother to me.

Billy Mays

User B4s bug060608 26262c

Billy Mays here with the Oxy Rifle!

Billy Mays is a pre-war salesman from the year 2009. I found him one day when an electrical pulse field erupted in a blast of energy and a large artificial pod crashed into the ground. Billy Mays appeared inside the pod, and when he emerged he explained what happened. He said that he found out he was going to die on June 28 so he went into the future where it wouldn't happen. The teleportaion blast seemed to have given him immortallity and therefore he is much stronger than anything in the Capital Wasteland.

His weapons, made by him, are:

My Weapons

A3-21's plasma rifle

When living at Rivet City for a few days, I was informed that a man named Harkness was actually a run away android. I helped him our by informing Dr. Zimmer, his original owner, his true identity. He awarded me with Commonwealth technology. I thank him, but I eventually killed him and Harkness awarded me with his lucky Plasma rifle.

Metal Blaster

I also went to a place called The Pitt, where I was enslaved and forced to find Steel ingots in the Steelyard. Each time I find 10, I'm awarded with a piece of armor or weapons. One of them was this. About the same as a regular Laser rifle, but blasts several beams. It also seems to have a higher damage.

Scoped Gauss rifle

After aiding the Outcast in an assault against a Super Mutant attack, I helped them out by achieving various equipment from a locked armory. The only way to get to this armory is to complete a simulation called Operation: Anchorage, a virtual reality "video game" based on the assault on Alaska Anchorage against Chinese Communists. After completion, I was awarded with this rifle.

Tesla cannon

Most advanced piece of technology I've ever seen. I can delivery just as much fire power as Liberty Prime's laser beams. Capable of destroying Vertibirds in a single shot. It wasn't easy finding a Tesla coil to make it work. What with the Deathclaws, Enclave, and hostile Sentry bot, a day back in the Pitt was a picinic compared to this. But it was worth it!

Winterized T-51b power armor

Aside from the Gauss rifle, I was also awarded with this. Basically the T-51b power armor I found at Fort Constantine, but with a white paint job. It doesn't have the same damage resistance as my other armor, but at least it doesn't break all the time.


The most powerful Gatling laser, aside from the one Fawkes uses. I found it in the deathclaw sanctuary, obviously infested with Deathclaws


Mom and Dad

Super mutant overlord

Mom and Dad

My Mommy and my Daddy. Not in the way you'd expect, they're just my adopted parents. They found me in Jury Street Metro being held in a cage by human raiders, and they rescued me. Even now that I'm all grown up they still protect me from tough things like Deathclaws.

In the picture to the right, they're protecting our home from Deathclaws. Mom's on the left, and Dad's on the right.

My Brother, Mike

Super mutantBrute

Me and Mike

Obviously not blood related, but he treats me like we're brothers. We usually hang out in the DC ruins killing humans with our heavy weapons. One time, we shot a Raider on the other side of the river with a Missile launcher, and its head flew all the way over to us. My first trophy!

In the picture to the right, you can see us preparing to fight some stupid raiders. I'm on the left and Mike's on the right.

My Dog, Vomit



I found a human with his legs cut off and he was just so adorable. So, I took him back to my work and threw him into a vat. I also mixed some extra limbs and there you have it! My own dog! I named him vomit because the first thing he did upon birth was throw up. Man was Mike pissed. Did I mention that the dog threw up on Mike? Cause it did. And it was EVERYWHERE! It was so awesome! I wish I had my camera. The look on Mike's face was priceless.


FO3 Behemoth


My Grandpa. He's 87 years old and loves hunting. One time, we caught a Mirelurk! It was so delicious! He taught me everything there is about hunting, and even shown me how to throw a mini nuke without killing myself!

In the picture, he's seen preparing to kill some pathetic Vault Dweller!

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