Hi! Welcome to my user page, i just make random edits here and there as well as add images.

My Games Edit

I own Fallout 1 and 2 for the comp, and Fallout 3:GOTY for the XBOX.

The projects of which I'm involved in Edit

Fallout 1&2 Character's Project

And now...for a speech about the Bozar Edit

"This is my Bozar. There are only a dozen like it, but this one is mine.

My Bozar is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

My Bozar, without me, is useless. Without my Bozar, I'm still pretty awesome. I must fire my Bozar true. I must shoot straighter than that mutie bastard who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I WILL...

My Bozar and myself know that what counts in this wasteland is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. WE WILL HIT...

My Bozar is badass, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as i learn a women I'm stalking. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will ever guard it against the ravages of weather and damage as I will ever guard my legs, my arms, my eyes and my heart against damage. I will keep my Bozar clean and ready. We will become part of each other. WE WILL...

Before God, I swear this creed. My Bozar and myself are the sole defenders of this crappy wasteland. We are the master of our enemies. WE ARE THE SAVIORS OF MY LIFE.

So be it, until victory is mine and there are no more raiders, no more Enclave, but peace!"

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