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  • Terminal entry ref for Stafford?
  • JSawyer comments to V34 dev, Gojira dev, Travis Stout
  • Barnes (Fallout 76) and Roy Barnes - merge?
  • Venus Velvet pencil on reloading bench?
  • FO76 characters page needs restructuring
  • Fizztop Mt term entry ppl apparently
  • Maj. Howell and Dr. Sharma - cut terminals at Mass Med Center
  • Order of Mysteries members
  • Shaw High School
  • Rocky Narrows Park ranger cabin comments
  • Dan and Billy in the Hub
  • Explorer's gear
  • Cambridge Polymer ppl, CIT, and check name of Piezonucleic Lining Project
  • North Church tombstones
  • Roy (raider conversations in Pickman Gallery)
  • Mayor of Boston is actually named Mr. Hildenbrand. Line from the PA in Copley Station:
    • DN011EntranceAsEmployeeScene
    • Data\Sound\Voice\Fallout4.esm\Announcer_LibraryVoice\000FF3E9_1.fuz: "You may enter, Mr. Hildenbrand. Have a nice day." Conditioned to play after DNS011 stage 400, set by passing employee impersonation speech check
  • Galton
  • FO4CC quests

{{For|the radio station in ''[[Fallout 3]]''|Enclave Radio}}

Enclave Radio is a miscellaneous quest and radio station in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "X-02 Power Armor".

Enclave Radio (CC)

After finishing [Speak of the Devil], an additional miscellaneous objective to access the Devil's terminal, found on the console behind the X-02 suit, will be added. Accessing the "A humble request" option will lead to another objective to either shut down the radio transmission or to restore the Enclave Radio station. Shutting it down (the short-circuit option) will unlock a nearby safe containing the "X-02 Devil's Inferno" mod for the X-02 power armor alongside other loot. Restoring Enclave Radio instead will make it available as a new radio station, but will make the safe inaccessible. Regardless of choice, both the Radio AM 810 and Radio FM 52.7 signals will be lost afterwards, and [Hodges|Sgt. Hodges] and a group of Enclave remnants will spawn and attack.

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