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Full Metal Jacket

Thats me!!!

User BrotherHood Power Armor

Kick A#*

I bought the Fallout 3 Game of the year edition, it came with all of the extra game modes. I came here seeking help but now i try to give help. I've beaten the original game and the expansion pack. I'm No longer playing Fallout until New Vegas comes out in Fall. I am currently working on The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion. If you haven't played it I reccomend it. I'm a Halo ( one of the coolest game series ever) addict. I Enjoy war movies like "Full Metal Jacket" and "The Hurt Locker".I am the founder of wich is also known as the Ernest P. Wiki. Its about Jim Varney. Have a GREATACULAR time!!!

Catch PhrasesEdit

Sun. Who's Bhirthday is it, someon gets a spanking.

Mon. Now where's that friggin' remote.

Tues. Tansen Ist fverboten.

Wed. I don'n need no instructions to know how to rock.

Thurs. Who clogged the toilet!

Fri. My feet hurt.

Sat. Yeah... That's nice... Now get the crap outta' My FRIGGIN' Pool.

Fallout games ownedEdit

  • Fallout 3
  • Soon to own New Vegas


Hunk is the coolest survivor of a zombie outbreak in Racoon City Incident
Enclave CAMD2J39

Thats where I got Hunk for my signature at.

Other wiki'sEdit

I am actually the founder of all of these wiki's so I Need as much help as possible. feel welcome to join. I would appreciate it.

] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;]




Vash the stampede

Vault 4

Porter 21




Tezzla cannon

Im chargin my laza

Ghouly 89

Please tell me if i messed up your name or accidentaly left you out.

Always RememberEdit

Happiness is a chocolate Helicopter. I like fallout. Feel welcome to read my page.

Xbox LiveEdit

I just recently Got xbox live and was looking for Vault Friends. My Gamertag is... Hunk NK13

Everything is spelled right.

Friend me, I got reach, Black ops, I hate mw2, and I got alot of other games.


I saw a flying deathclaw for the first time. I was on a cliff with a laser Rifle and shot at it, it floated into the clouds. Charon was pointing up bending his back as if he was in a limbo competition. sgt. Rl-3 just stood there and dogmeat kept barking. well it finally came out of the ground between the three of them and it went back up to the clouds i was laughing and horrorfied at the same time.

oh andEdit

I forgot to mention that I will totally be happy to help out around the vault but im still pretty new to wikis so im tryin' to find my way around still. So if you need help ask me but i wont be of much help. Sorry For this inconvience

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