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  • I live in the Breslau System
  • My occupation is renegade historian

Judging from discussion - vanburenist.

I like to categorize things. So it is my:

Things to describe or categorize listEdit

(in 100 years time)

  • VB dossiers:
  • ecology,
  • compiled dialogue dossier (eg. knowledge about deathclaws)
  • sex and prostitution in Fallout, Fallout 2 and van Buren,
  • health care in Fallout, Fallout 2 and van Buren,
    • body damage (eye, hand, leg),
    • post-radiation effects (radiation poisoning: ST -1 <=> 100+, etc.), victims: Puking Charlie, Vic's wife, the Glow victims,
    • Coping with Mr. Virus manual, FEV, FEV inoculations, Limit-115 - blue flu,
    • doctors and autodocs list,
    • cases: Cassidy, Salvatore, Big Jesus Mordino, Roger Westin, Dobbs - Post-Cryogenic Syndrome,
    • brain fever - Valerie's joke,
    • mentally handicapped persons: Torr, Vault City armory guard (stammerer?), Algernon, the PC, Quartermaster's brother, psychers, the Master, supermutants, Frank Horrigan, standard supermutants, abnormal brain, chimpnazee brain,
    • Vault City and Sierra Army Depot technologies (eg. implants),
    • addictions, Jet antidote,
    • poisoning (venom): Razlo and Richard Wright
    • glasses (Renesco),
    • golden tooth,
  • the Enclave legal system (laws, citizenship, State of the Nation, elections),
  • Amended Data Protection Act, security clearance (blue, red),
  • Vault City bureaucracy and legal system (Vault dwellers were US citizens also),
  • NCR citizenship NCR History Holodisk,
  • .45 weapons present in Fallout world (notice for Caesar's Legion)/van Buren weapons, van Buren armors,
  • list of Nuka Cola distributors (money making for patient PC),
  • AI present in Fallout, Fallout 2 and van Buren (3 x ZAX, ACE, 2 x Skynet, ULYSSES, Diana, Emperor reference - not AI, EPA holograms?),
  • currency system: caps, money, mine scripts, FoT means (rings, BoS scripts),
  • communist insurgents, riots (Denver),
  • non-generic dogs, often domesticated (Dogmeat, Sasha, Darion's dog, Eldridge's dogs, Johny's dog, dog from Klamath),
  • unique encounters in van Buren (lost Enclave patrol, Powder Gang - 5EC battle, Denver PD chief fallout shelter),
  • van Buren wonderweapons/large weapons (mega-flamer, Nuclear Nellie, death cannon/ Howitzers (+ at SAD), oil rig guns, Vault City heavy laser turrets, submarine rockets, tank),
  • Power armor (T-51b: TX-28 MicroFusion Pack of 60 kW power, "silvered" poly-laminate composite shell capable of absorbing over 2.5 kJ kinetic impact) vs tank (heavily modyfied Sherman with 350 hp and 75mm gun - cannon shell weight: 40 lb ~ comparison with bazooka rockets strenght - dmg 35-100, rocket a 3 lb weight; cal. 75 mm 40 lb shell could be equivalent of c.a. 10 bazooka rockets),
  • the Enclave/Brotherhood of Steel/Shi/Hubologists/NCR/Unity military comparison (descendants of: US shadow government/deserted US Military Police squad/Chinese submarine crew/religious organization/vault dwellers/supermutants),
  • Aircrafts (vertibird, SF space shuttle, flying saucer, federation shuttle, zeppelin, FoT space shuttle, Hermes)/Satelites (BOMB-escape pods, MIR),
  • pre-war US Armed Forces (elite light combat troops, mechanized cavalry (mechanized divisions), Armored Infantry Divisions (4, 13 AID-GMC), infantry, marines, navy, engineers, military police, robobrains, Tibbets, Mariposa, SAD, WTRF, Lost Hills Bunker, National Guard - Denver, psycho, Field medic first aid kit, Paramedics bag).


  • deathclaw features - comparison with Boneyard deathclaws pack (mother, eggs, 2-3 mature) as well as with Fallout 2 random deathclaws encounters,
  • Enclave technicians (ET) - power generator - vs oil rig operators (ARM).
  • 79 + 4 Enclave troops can be encountered on the accessible levels of the oil rig and 30 – at the Camp Navarro, which was faction of 13-57% total Enclave soldiers.
  • Guard Barracks Level - 22 troopers,
    • bedroom - squad of 8 less experienced troopers (150 hp) equipped with Power Armors and Gauss weapons and 2 troops equipped with Advanced Power Armors (200 hp), how many beds,
    • storage crew and gym – 2 troopers equipped with Power Armors and Super Sledgehammers, a trooper equipped with Power Armors and Power Fist (140 hp),
    • armory, boots room and other rooms – 9 troopers (200hp) equipped with Advanced Power Armors and mainly big energy weapons,
    • 7 security bots,
  • Detention Cells Level - 8 troopers (200 hp) equipped with Advanced Power Armors, 6 bots,
  • total 24 bots in the known parts of the Enclave, including 13 bots present on Guard Barracks and Detention Cells Levels.
  • Presidential Area, Reactor?

PRO CRIT.MSG (Fallout 2)

  • {25000}{}{Enclave Patrol}
  • {25100}{}{Enclave Patrol}
  • {29100}{}{Enclave Guard}
  • {29200}{}{Enclave Guard}

Barometer Edit


Rubber Boots awarded to Grizzly for Enclave Armed Forces genuine article (stuff before edits fortunately can be found here: [1])

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