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Masterful recreation of an in-game emblem by my dear friend Kdarrow <3

Hey, I'm DirtyBlue929, aka the Dirty Blue Dog, aka that guy what don't got much self-confidence about staff duties. I've been using the wiki since before the split with The Vault, but only registered and started editing afterwards.

I have a passion for writing and history, and thus most of my edits relate to lore and the "background" sections of articles, ranging from minor edits to sentence flow and structure to total rewrites that expand on information, correct it, or just making it more interesting to read. I'm also taking baby steps into vector art and upscaling logos/emblems from in-game textures. Also Oxford Commas for life don't @ me

Despite all that passion I'm not super active here due to a combination of laziness and burnout from doing the same exact thing IRL for school and work, though I hang out in the wiki's discord server pretty much all the time.

Pages I've done a lot of work on (that I can remember)

  • The Pitt (city) - I rewrote a few sections of the background section before the merge and was a little bit disappointed when those changes got overridden by it. Thankfully (?) I subsequently noticed that 70% of said section was plagiarized from the Fallout 3 Game Guide and got the go-ahead to rewrite pretty much the entire thing from the discord server; this is also what finally got us to add a section about what happens in the actual DLC to the page (though I didn't contribute too much to that one; credit goes to Aiden4017 for summarizing all of those quests!)
  • Roger Maxson - I expanded on and reworded a lot of the biography section following his appearance in FO76, and divided it into subsections to make it easier to navigate (it's a long section)
  • Tribals - the "Background" section as it exists now (Sept. 2020) was originally a meandering wall of text located above the table of contents; most of what you see there right now was written or re-written by me.

Hall of Departed Images

This is where I'll showcase old versions of logos and such that sadly had to get axed for THE GREATER GOOD (of accuracy).


Fallout 3 Game Guide copy-pastes

This stuff is honestly kind of inexcusable IMO. This section contains a list of Fallout 3 articles whose background sections contain passages copy-pasted from the game's Prima guide with little to no alterations or clear attribution. Fallout 3 characters


I've noticed a few of these myself, so to add to your list:

I'll try fixing some of these myself, but I thought you'd like to know about them. Aiden4017 (talk) 00:07, 22 March 2021 (UTC)

Logos and Decals!

Miscellaneous low-res logos and decals I intend to try my hand at recreating:

DB929 BoS CC Decal Refs.png

  • Skibadaa's CC Brotherhood weapon paintjob decals (above) [EDIT: all done!]:
    • Minigun/Assault Rifle decal (not pictured) Yes
    • Sniper Rifle/Institute Laser/Missile Launcher/Lower Gatling Laser decal (top) Yes
    • Combat Rifle/Shotgun decal (middle) Yes
    • Upper Gatling Laser/AER-9/10mm Pistol decal (bottom) Yes