About MeEdit

I'm a huge Fallout fan, and have completed Fallout 1, 2, Tactics, and even the horrible non-canon console game, Fallout BoS.

I've played 99% of Fallout 3: the only thing I had left to do was Mothership Zeta, but my Playstation 3 decided to melt.

Now I've started over from the very beginning on the PC version, and I think the rumors are true: it turns out that Bethesda's games are definitely better on computers.

I refuse to start New Vegas until I've finished everything in Fallout 3. Knowing my luck, the day I do finally start New Vegas will be the day that Fallout 4 comes out.

Cleaning the WastelandEdit

I'm one of those people that feels compelled to pick up practically every item in the game. I also arrange static objects that are out of place. Is there a fallen coffee mug, fan, telephone, or giant metal barrel? Not for long. Burned books all over the floor? I put them back on the shelves, one at a time.

The funny thing is, when I played Oblivion, I did the opposite. Cyrodil is way too clean, neat, and organized compared to the Capital Wasteland, so I spent that game doing the exact opposite: dropping litter everywhere, throwing objects around, trashing people's shops...

Why I'm HereEdit

As I play Fallout, I often get curious and look up pages on this wiki during or shortly after completing the related in-game content. I also pay close attention to every detail. As a result, if I spot misleading or inaccurate information, it really jumps out at me. By fixing these types of mistakes, I hope to contribute to Nukapedia and the Fallout community.

My Favorite PagesEdit

Capital Wasteland

Brotherhood Outcasts

Brotherhood of Steel (Capital Wasteland)

Fallout 3 Mods I RecommendEdit

  • "Zap-Away" by MCaleb. It's a gun that disintegrates corpses, and it's great for those indoor bodies that never despawn. Sure, console commands could be used, but the Zap-Away gun is faster, easier, and more fun.
  • "Animal Friend Tweaks" by Galahaut. Very useful if you don't want to massacre helpless Bloatflies, Ants, or Radscorpions. And before you get any ideas, it doesn't work on Albino Radscorpions.
  • "Vanishing Ash Piles and Goo Piles" by OverLord of Chaos. The wasteland is polluted enough without permanent green goo everywhere. If the piles bother you, using a mod like this is better than never using Energy Weapons.
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