aka Radogamer

  • I live in Duranged CO
  • I was born on July 7
  • My occupation is Tech Support, Actor, Musician, Webmaster, Internet Radio Owner
  • I am Male

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Hello, my actual name is John. I have been playing the Fallout series for years, I have to admit there is no one as knowledgeable of the Fallout lore than my 15 year old son. If you don't believe me ask me any obscure question and I will ask him.

I am happy to be here on the Wiki and being a webmaster it serves a twofold purpose. I have always wanted to learn to use Wiki and I am an avid gamer so the two can now be as one!! I hope that I can be of some help in a constructive manner. Thanks to the Admins for creating and maintaining this excellent place.

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