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Hi there! Are you in need of some assistance? Do you need item IDs and specific stats? Screen Shots? Mods?Edit


Of all the sysops we have here, I'm the least helpful when it comes to specific information. That's because I have this game for a 360, and don't have a G.E.C.K.. I'm a Sysop because I clean up crappy articles.

Because I'm no longer an active member! :D

But since you're here anyway....Edit

Please remember these points if you ever find yourself editing an article:

  • Don't write personal stories.
Really, there are Forums here for a reason. You can also use the article's discussion page.
  • Don't use 1st person writing.
This is supposed to be an article, and the writing has to appear to have been written by 1 person. In fact while you're at it, don't even do the "This editor found that..." thing. That's stupid.
  • Check the discussion page first.
If you've found something interesting, but aren't sure if it's a bug, check the discussion page, it may already be mentioned there, and if it's not, make a post about it yourself. Do this if you want someone to confirm your find too.
  • Pay attention to the whole article.
If there’s a NOTES section in the article, don’t make a random note under something else. Put your contributions in the correct spot with the correct format (check to see what the others look like).
  • Don’t make the article argue with itself.
If you’ve found that some note in the article contradicts what happened with you, check the discussion page, or post it on the discussion page for confirmation. Don’t write your contradiction right under it.
  • Not everyone plays the game like you.
Everyone plays the game differently, if you’re going to contribute to the walkthrough, don’t post some over-specific point.
  • The world will go on.
If you feel your contribution is too specific or just doesn’t belong in the article, DON’T POST IT! The world will not end just because you weren’t able to share your vast Fallout wisdom. We’ll be fine.
  • Don’t be an idiot.
Just don’t. Please.
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