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Hello! I'm Brantmeierz, an administrator from The Vault. As a programmer, my contributions to the wiki tend to lie in the extracting of data and assets from the Fallout games and converting those into more useful forms for its viewers. I'm also a huge fan of the games, however, and have developed a good knowledge of their lore and mechanics (particularly those of Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4). I've done other wiki editing in the past, and have a working understanding of wiki structure and the use and development of templates. Through data extraction I have experience with the Creation Kit and other third party tools such as NifSkope and FO3/NV/4Edit.

Outside of the wiki my skills lie primarily in desktop programming, using Java, C, Python, or whatever language I need to learn to complete a project. Having learned JavaScript as a first language, I've also come to do web development work with HTML and CSS, and more recently learned back-end work with PHP and SQL. It's always rewarding being able to combine hobbies and skills, and to be able to help a community along the way; feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything I can answer, and I hope to see you all around The Fallout Wiki!

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