I was turned on to Fallout last summer. I bought Fallout 3 and somewhat fell in love XD. I play New Vegas and 3 fairly often, and I just acquired the original trilogy. I just began my playthrough of Fallout 1, and when I beat it I will play Fallout 2 and tactics. This wiki helped me an insane amount through fallout three, but I've sworn not to use it for New Vegas, except for desperate measures. I'd love to chat, or help out with any projects if you want to contact me, and I'm a pretty friendly, and not trolling, guy. Just use the E-mail below, and if extra contact is needed I can give out my phone number or Skype. I have an extensive knowledge of Fallout 3, an average knowledge of Fallout: New Vegas, and an amateur knowledge of previous Fallout titles. I'm always building on my knowledge of all the games. I would like to eventually become an administrator, and help out this site a lot. I would never (anymore) use any abbreviations or stupid writing or grammar (excluding LOL of course). I am also currently working on my knowledge of HTML5 and Javascript. I don't hate on anything, and all my criticism is intelligent and polite. I am a laser guy myself, but mostly use many different types of weapons. My favorite weapon is easily the dart gun.

Xboxlive Gamertag
Favorite Fallout DLC
Dead Money
Second Favorite Fallout DLC
The Pitt
Third Favorite Fallout DLC
Operation: Anchorage

--Bigwill817 02:50, February 9, 2011 (UTC)

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