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This Flag Needs More Battle Cattle And So Do You.

Don't Judge Me, You Did It Too!

Pictured: Your Future Masters.

Not Enchantment!

By Demand the Blog, Needs More Battle Cattle, HAS CONTINUED! And if ANYONE can tell me how to change it so that it's "Officially" called that up there in the tabs, instead of just "Blog", then sweet, I will ... I dunno. Do SOMETHING for you. If that's not doable, then dangit, I'll have to get my minions on "It."

Note to self: hire more minions.

subNote to self: clone more Scars and Pains.

Yes, there is a story behind "It".

Yes, I blame Sony for "It" being a necessary thing. Mostly because of his attitude, which permeates everything he does: Sony's Attitude about Pants, the World, and Everything.

Also because he still owes me a nice noodle dinner.

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