Just another Fallout fan. F2 was the first of the series I played, then F1. I only played FT briefly, as I quickly lost interest. Now I'm working with F3.

Computer specs (Toshiba Satellite A300-29K laptop):

  • Pentium T4200 dual-core @ 2.00 GHz
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Mobility Radeon HD 3470

Recently got into the mood for F2 and installed Killap's goodies for full effect. NOW I can see why the game got so many people hooked...

Current character build for F2:

  • ST 5, PE 7, EN 3, CH 6, IN 7, AG 6, LK 6
  • Tagged: Small Guns, Speech, Outdoorsman
  • Perks: Awareness, Bonus Ranged Damage, Better Criticals, Gain Perception (PE 8), Bonus Rate of Fire, Action Boy, Sniper (with Buffout). Further ones may include: Bonus Ranged Damage (2), Gain Luck (until LK is maxed out), Tag! (Energy Weapons)
  • Armament progression:
    • Me
      • 10mm pistol
      • Desert Eagle
      • Assault Rifle from Vegeir, upgraded at Algernon
      • Scoped Hunting Rifle
      • Sniper Rifle (might skip this one)
      • Also keeping a magneto-laser pistol as a sidearm.
    • Sulik
      • Grease Gun
      • HK P90c
      • .223 Pistol
    • Vic
      • .44 Magnum
      • Magneto-laser pistol
      • Solar Scorcher
      • Phaser if I can find it
    • Cassidy
      • Combat Shotgun
      • Pancor Jackhammer
      • Gauss Rifle
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