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Hey, my names Alex, and I'm from Canada. I've just joined this Wiki and am learning to edit so that hopefully I can make my own contribution. I play Fallout 3 on my Xbox 360, and my Gamertag is AlexTheTitan. After restarting the game numerous times because my character wasn't built right, I've finally decided to restart one last time, and make sure my build is perfect this time. Any tips would be appreciated. Oh, and thanks to Bloodwars for showing me that 3 Intelligence is a very good idea. Im currently trying to make appropriate changes to my build to incorporate the new perks from Broken Steel, such as almost perfect, and will post this new build shortly, likely to my page and the Character builds page. I also plan on starting up a YouTube channel when we approach New Vegas' launch. A sort of one stop shop for any information and walkthroughs on the game, sort of like Orcidea has done for Fallout 3.


Mysterious Stranger

Fallout 3 Character Build (Sniper) Edit

Starting S.P.E.C.I.A.L (Stats) Edit

St: 8

Pe: 7

En: 7

Ch: 1

In: 3

Ag: 9

Lk: 5

Final S.P.E.C.I.A.L (Stats) Edit

St: 10

Pe: 10

En: 8

Ch: 2 (3 w/ Gear)

In: 4

Ag: 10

Lk: 6 (10 w/ Gear)

Perks Edit

Level 1: Start

Level 2: Lady Killer

Level 3: Intense Training (St)

Level 4: Comprehension

Level 5: Intense Training (Pe)

Level 6: Bloody Mess

Level 7: Gunslinger

Level 8: Commando

Level 9: Strong Back

Level 10: Mysterious Stranger

Level 11: Finesse

Level 12: Sniper

Level 13: Silent Running

Level 14: Cyborg

Level 15: Lawbringer

Level 16: Better Criticals

Level 17: Action Boy

Level 18: Concentrated Fire

Level 19: Robotics Expert

Level 20: Grim Reapers Sprint

Gear Edit

Ranger Battle Armor

Three Dog’s Head Wrap (+1 Luck +1 Charisma)

Lucky Shades (+1 Luck)

Lucky 8 Ball (+1 Luck)


Yew's Bear Charm

Lincoln’s Repeater


Dart Gun

Scoped Gauss Rifle

Jingwei’s Shock Sword

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