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So, You're back?

Yeah, so it seems

Who are you again?

I'm Agent_c. Former Mod, Admin, Bureaucrat, Admin again. Used to do the news for a long time. There's still a lot of stuff in the rules I wrote, or helped influence. I also interviewed 3 Dog, and arrnaged for René Auberjonois to answer some questions before he passed.

So, are you planning to take over the wiki?

No. At the moment I'm planning to maybe see if I can do a couple of projects, maybe lead by example, but not take on special rights. I didn't need special rights to lead when I started. Maybe I forgot that, maybe a lot of us forgot that. I'm going to try to prove that you don't.

I heard you tried to steal the wiki, is that true?

No. During the Shitty Forced Video Crisis that brought us in conflict with Wikia, or Fandom (or whatever Brandon's rebranded them this week) I along with other members of the leadership team explored going independent, as well as exploring joining other already existent independent wikis, and The Vault on Gamepedia (which hadn't yet merged with Fandom). In the end I recommended we join UESP. The community decided to stay here, and I respect that decision.

But surely this return is just another attempt to steal the wiki?

Anyone who wants to can make a copy of this wiki. Its covered by the Creative Commons License. If you want to start your own Fallout wiki with all the content here, and then want to try to convince the community to go there instead of here, good luck to you. Its a hard task, and I have no interest in trying.

So, why did you step down from 'Crat?

I took the decision to stay here as a signal from the community that a different voice was needed. They wanted to stay, and I would be an impediment to relations between the Wiki and its Landlord.

...And then you left. Why?

In addition to working 2 paid jobs, I was also spending every minute in here, or on the discord moderating, and ultimately feeling responsbile for managing this place. I put myself under a toxic level of pressure, and the presence of some who only live for themselves didn't help. The amount of Relief I felt when I realised I didn't have to do that was.... amazing.

Frankly, something needs to be done about that toxic workload those with special rights put themselves under. You don't realise you were in it, until either something breaks, or you walk out of it and look back.

So why are you back?

I miss this place. I still care about it. I miss doing the news and enjoying being part of the community.

So you're running for admin then? Or Crat? or at least mod?

No, I have no intention on putting myself under that pressure again. I'm here to enjoy myself and lead by example. You dont need admin tools to lead. I'm available for advice and consultation, but no plans to get back in the chair.

But Leon says...

Yeah, I used to be a friend of Leon too. Used to be. I'll say no more about that, or him.

Is it true you're married to a former Nukapedia editor who you met on this site?

Yes, thats absolutely true. She doesn't care much for here anymore.

So, what are you working on?

  • JunkRadio: The Nukapedia PIP-Cast.
  • A project to honour The Vault, and to make more accessible the jewels of our collection.
  • Fixing the damage done to policies
  • Restoring our Social Media presence.
  • Restoring the Front page to be dynamic and engaging and not a static mess.
  • Social media on [Starfield].