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Hello, I'm A Follower and I am one of this wiki's administrators. I am an undergraduate student from Canada working towards a Bachelor's degree in military history, and I already hold a degree in evolutionary biology. I was born in 1988, which makes me 25 years old. Apart from Fallout, other game series I enjoy include Mass Effect, Dragon Age, BioShock, and The Walking Dead. I enjoy and play a variety of music, from extreme metal to blues rock and jazz.

Whelp, enough about me. Go do something productive, for god's sake. PM's in chat, talk page, and e-mail are always open should you need to contact me.

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Apparently I have to add some text here to make the tab look pretty. So, yeah.

Max Sherwood is a Brotherhood of Steel paladin operating in the Capital Wasteland in 2277. His actions and decisions are key to the events of Fallout 3.


Max Sherwood was born at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. on July 13, 2258 to James and Catherine. Unfortunately, his mother died in childbirth and James abandoned the memorial, venturing west to Megaton before gaining entrance to Vault 101. It was in the confines of Vault 101 that Max grew up, never knowing the outside world.

In Timeline#2277, Max escaped Vault 101 with the assistance of Amata Almodovar after waking to find James had vanished without a trace. Max set out into the wastes with an adventurer's curiosity, bent on finding his father and a place in what remained of the real world.


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