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Urban Operative underarmor is an underarmor in Fallout 76.


The Urban Operative underarmor consists of tactical boots, pants, gloves, and a long sleeved shirt bearing the Enclave logo on the chest. The armor has two belts across the torso to hold it to the body. The underarmor is in a grey color with dark highlights.


The Damage Resistances of underarmor can be upgraded at any armor workbench once the player character has learned the appropriate plan.

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Mod Resistances Effect Weight Value Plan Components
Damage resistance Energy Radiation
Standard lining         +10% +10% Known by default Ballistic fiber x2
Ultracite x6
Treated lining +4 +6 +1 STR +1
PER +1
+20% +30% Plan: Treated lining operative underarmor Ballistic fiber x4
Ultracite x9
Resistant lining +6 +8 +3 STR +2
PER +1
+30% +50% Plan: Resistant lining operative underarmor Ballistic fiber x7
Ultracite x12
Protective lining +8 +10 +4 STR +2
PER +2
+35% +80% Plan: Protective lining operative underarmor Ballistic fiber x9
Pure crimson flux x2
Ultracite x15
Shielded lining +9 +13 +5 STR +3
PER +2
+40% +120% Plan: Shielded lining operative underarmor Ballistic fiber x11
Pure crimson flux x4
Ultracite x18


  • May be given to the player character in the Whitespring bunker as part of the quest One of Us. After the player character has their picture taken they will be able to interact with a nearby dispenser for a reward. This item is one possible reward.
  • May be available from vendor terminals in the production wing of the Whitespring bunker.