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For the song, see Uranium Fever (song).
Protect Uranium Extractors while they collect valuable nuclear material.

Event: Uranium Fever is an event quest in Fallout 76. It is started when interacting with the Blackwater auto-foreman, who welcomes the "employee" to begin work in the Blackwater mine. Radiation must be vented from the mine before the Foreman will allow the quest to start.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Speak to the Blackwater auto-foreman.
  • Initiate the extraction process.
  • Protect the extractors as they extract uranium.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

The surface area and mine is occupied by mole miners. Approach and listen to the Blackwater auto-foreman at the entrance to the mine. The player character may need to wait for the quest to become accessible; if it is not available, the Foreman will say, "System is currently OFFLINE" and urge the player character to "return later." Once welcomed by the foreman, enter the mine and navigate to through the rooms to the right side of the tracks, using the terminal on the wall to initiate the extraction process. Three of the units will begin emitting a green gas and will be attacked by mole miners. Maintain repairs as the attacks continue; once the bar is filled, the extraction process will complete.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Speak with the Blackwater Auto-ForemanThere's an Auto-Foreman at Blackwater Mine waiting for someone to report for duty at the Uranium Extractor facility.
? Initiate the Extraction ProcessThere's an Auto-Foreman at Blackwater Mine waiting for someone to report for duty at the Uranium Extractor Terminal. If someone can get the extraction system running, it could be a great source of valuable nuclear material.
? Protect the Extractors as they Extract UraniumThe Blackwater Mine extractor system is up and running, but it has stirred up the mine's inhabitants into a frenzy. The extraction units need to be protected while they do their job.
? Repair Extractor Alpha
? Repair Extractor Bravo
? Repair Extractor Charlie
? Uranium ExtractedThe extractors pulled up and processed Uranium into something usable.
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