Why did the Overseer pick you? It's obvious you couldn't find your shoelaces, much less a new water chip. Oh well.

The upset vault dwellers are three residents of Vault 13 in 2161.


After Vault 13's last water chip breaks, the Vault Dweller is sent out to find one. A few citizens of Vault 13 are becoming restless, wanting to go to the surface, thinking that the machinery in the vault will break eventually. These characters are affiliated with Theresa and are part of her rebel faction in Vault 13.

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Other interactionsEdit

As well as providing information through conversation, these dwellers will help the player character with some quests. If one tells them that the search for the chip is not going well but advises them against leaving, they invite the Vault Dweller to a meeting with Theresa at 1700 hrs every evening.

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These dwellers have only become upset after the water chip malfunctions, and they will only appear after the Vault Dweller leaves for the first time.


The upset vault dwellers appear only in Fallout.

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