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Restore uplink functionality to monitor for enemy activity and eliminate all resistance!

Daily Ops: Uplink is a Daily Op in Fallout 76, introduced in the One Wasteland For All update.

Quick walkthrough[]

Daily Ops: Uplink 
Enter further into the location to start the quest timer. 
Repair the signal repeater. 
Boost the uplink signal at site alpha. 
Remain near the uplink at site alpha. 
Boost the uplink signal at site bravo. 
Remain near the uplink at site bravo. 
Locate the group of remaining enemies. 
Eliminate the enemy leader. 
Reward: 300 XP, 25-500 caps 

Detailed walkthrough[]

Uplink Speeds
of Players
Uplink Time
(in Seconds)
Form ID
0 600 005D863E
1 150 005D863C
2 130 005D863B
3 110 005D8639
4 90 005D863A

Upon joining the Daily Op, Initiate Dodge will contact the player characters, starting the timer for the duration the Daily Op takes to complete, asking them to locate the signal repeater and repair it as the first step in the operation. During this time, the enemies listed in the Daily Op information will start attacking, making it tricky to repair the signal repeater as if a player character is pushed away from the repeater, they will need to start the process to repair it all over again.

Once the repeater is fixed, Dodge will then request that two uplinks in the area have their signals boosted so he can better scan the area. The uplinks are usually on opposite sides of the area, so player characters will have to outrun the enemies to reach them before being overwhelmed. Once the uplinks are located, a player character needs to stay on it to complete boosting the signal similar to repairing the signal repeater earlier. If they are pushed away from the uplink, they will have to do it all over again. Once the signal is boosted, Dodge calls in to let the player characters know they need to stay near the uplink until it finishes powering up. The more players standing near the uplink, the faster the progress bar will fill up, especially with killing enemies that attack during that time to help speed up the process.

Once both uplinks are secured, Dodge reports to head to the center of the area. Once there, he tells the player characters to wipe out some of the enemies to try and draw out the boss. Defeat all the marked enemies, and Dodge will then let the player characters know the boss has appeared and orders them to eliminate it. The boss will be a strong, unique enemy armed with a unique weapon to attack with, such as a Scorched with a plasma grenade Gauss pistol or super mutant with an assault rifle able to shoot floater flamer grenades. Once the boss is slain, Dodge calls in to report mission accomplished. Check the after-mission recap for how quickly the op was finished in, rewards, and to be returned to the spot the player characters were originally at before joining the op. The faster the op was completed, the better the rewards, including Radaway, stimpaks, various grenades, a couple of legendary items, and a chance to attain crafting plans for objects at the player characters' C.A.M.P. or Brotherhood attire.


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Note: Items marked with * may only be received if that plan has not already been learned.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Repair the Signal Repeater
? Boost Signal at Site Alpha
? Secure Site Alpha (Boost Speed x<Variable=PlayersInProximity>)
? Boost Signal at Site Bravo
? Secure Site Bravo (Boost Speed x<Variable=PlayersInProximity>)
? Locate the Enemy Group
? Eliminate the Enemy Group
? The Boss Has Been Summoned.
? Eliminate the Enemy Leader
?Quest finishedView Operation Report to Exit