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Upcoming shipments is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Steel Dawn. It was written by Gloria Chance.


The note can be found in the Foundation supply room, on a filing cabinet in a room on the northern end of the interior.


Mire Bread from The Retreat - should make for some good hoagies!

Pepperoni Rolls from BRC Co. - limited sample stock

Canned Meat Stew, Scavenger - procured from Mama Dolce's

Blamco Mac & Cheese, Scavenger - new contact, should be a dozen boxes or so

5.56 Rounds from BRC Co. - Eugenie for delivery

Assortment of Hunting Rifle mods from BRC Co. - Eugenie as well. Make sure Tad doesn't talk her ear off again.

Replica World's Largest Teapot, Scavenger - for my collection...