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Unwashed Villagers fighting a spammer is a special encounter in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthrough

The Chosen One meets a group called the Unwashed Villagers fighting a spammer named Grim Reaper. Killing the Grim Reaper will cause all of the villagers to flee.

Killing everyone except the Grim Reaper will cause him to repeat his combat dialogue while walking around in circles. To finish the encounter, one will need to use up to six super stimpaks on him to keep him alive, while simultaneously attacking the villagers.

The villagers featured in the encounter are:


  • Killing Grim Reaper grants only 1 combat XP and +10 Karma. Killing the villagers will yield 1170 combat XP but -100 Karma.
  • Eldridge of New Reno is an associate of the villagers, supplying their weapons.

Behind the scenes

  • This encounter is a reference to the Unwashed Village community, one of the longest standing Fallout communities.[1] The named characters are based on individuals in the real world group. The spammer they are fighting has a real world counterpart as well, the identically named Grim Reaper or Grim, an adept spammer who plagued the Interplay forum for a significant period of time, becoming the archnemesis of the fan community.
  • Several members have unique entries in Fallout 2, including Buffy (Rebecca Dyer, who runs Becky's, the bar in The Den), Thrakazog (in an entry in the Hubologist holodisk), and The Enlightened One (in NCR town).