Unwashed Villagers fighting a spammer is a special encounter in Fallout 2. You meet a bunch of Unwashed Villagers fighting a guy named Grim Reaper.

The villagers featured in the encounter are:

Associates of the Unwashed include:


Killing the spammer grants only 1 combat XP and +10 Karma. Killing the Villagers will yield 1170 combat XP but -100 Karma.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • This is a reference to The Unwashed Village community that's more than likely the oldest Fallout community in existence. The Unwashed Villagers present in the encounter are some of the oldest and most respected members of the Unwashed Village (though the situation has changed over time). The spammer they are fighting is the Grim Reaper or Grim, a legendary spammer who plagued the Interplay forum for a long time as the archnemisis of the UV.
  • Several members have unique entries in Fallout 2, including Buffy (Rebecca Dyer, who runs Becky's, the bar in The Den), Thrakazog (in an entry in the Hubologist holodisk), and The Enlightened One (in NCR town).
  • The Unwashed Village community is still in existence and still thriving at combining both members old and new, they are still devoted to the Fallout community and the part they played in Fallout history.
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