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Untitled poem is a series of four paper notes in Fallout 76.


Four different untitled poems can be found at different locations:


The Crater

Rusted pipes piled high
    long dead jumble of dropped gambles
    carried through every door in tight pockets

sealed lips
dirty swings
caps stuck in the frame rubbed glossy
    Each face dusty with the same mud
    caked on cake gone on

a cloud of flies the only reminder of nature
    reclaiming every tiny space

Hillfolk Hotdogs

white cedar leaning against the shadow of our river
peeling like asylum walls
hobbled together around dignity that died long ago
    simple things to jumpstart fogged memories
    holed as teeth hidden in tin
    we leave our things pinned
    winning only the stuck wings

Isolated cabin

A mooned wood mooning room
in wooded woods

sharp rocks under ramp patches and raspberry thorns

I run quickly through the dark
feeling my way into the blacker space
let loose the spiced egg batch without sitting down
I'm a gunner in a bomber
languidly turning above the Cumulous
raining death with American precision

Sunrise Field

Distant guns
    repeated booms which run down hills

        more familiar than morning crickets or complaining Brahmin
I return fire without looking
sending hot metal up the slope with no
 burden of a target a mind to care
an act of simply acting, movement for no other sake
    like a small silent puddle pooling in the dust
    it is the emptiness that saves us all