Unstoppables is a perk magazine in Fallout 76.


The Unstoppables magazines in Fallout 76 share identical titles and cover art from Fallout 4, however the bonuses they provide are all slightly different and have a temporary effect duration of only one hour.

Magazine issuesEdit

Editor ID Issue Perk Base ID
Unstoppables01 #1 Dr. Brainwash and His Army of De-Capitalists! +5% Chance to Avoid Dmg 00432d25
Unstoppables02 #2 Who Can Stop The Unstoppable Grog-Na-Rok?! +20% Chance to Avoid Dmg. From Scorched 00432d28
Unstoppables03 #3 Commie-Kazi vs. Manta Man +30% Chance to Avoid Dmg. From Explosions 00432d2b
Unstoppables04 #4 Trapped in the Dimension of the Pterror-dactyls! +30% Chance to Avoid Melee Dmg. 00432d2e
Unstoppables05 #5 Visit the Ux-Ron Galaxy! +30% chance to avoid Energy Dmg. 00432d31


  • The magazines are randomly found throughout Appalachia.


Cover imagesEdit

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