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The Unstoppable Monster, a deathclaw gauntlet, is a unique weapon in the Fallout 76 add-on Wild Appalachia.

It was available as a reward for completing the weekly challenge of "Succumb to depravity" in Survival mode from June 4 to June 10, 2019. The weapon was then made available again from July 23 to July 30, 2019.


The gauntlet is made up of three deathclaw claws with a simple handhold and a cushioned brace to go around the wearer's wrist. This three-star unique legendary weapon combines 3 legendary effects:

  • Bloodied: Increased damage the lower the player character's health is
  • Major modifier: +40% more power attack damage
  • Minor modifier: Take -40% less damage while executing a power attack

Weapon modificationsEdit

ModDescriptionWeapon prefixIcon damageIcon attackIcon rangeIcon spreadAssault carbine extended magazinesIcon weightIcon merchantPerk(s) requiredComponentsBase ID
Extra clawChance to disarm. Better damage.[[]] x1????????



The Unstoppable Monster was a reward for completing the "Succumb to depravity" weekly challenge in Survival mode. The requirements were as follows:

  • Kill a human-like creature with a melee weapon.
  • Cook a meal while intoxicated.
  • Claim a workshop while mutated.
  • Eat raw meat.
  • Kill a critter while starving.
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