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What happened at this picnic?

Unsolved: Picnic Panic is a quest in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.

Quick walkthrough

Investigate the picnic site in Toxic Valley for the following clues:

Investigate the Wesley House in Clarksburg for the following clues. It is on the eastern edge of town towards the Clarksburg Shooting Club.

  • Chelsea's diary page - In the corner of the bottom floor (can't be picked up).
  • Cow's magnet (a kid's magnet and some loaded dice that respond to it) - Next to the diary page.

Investigate Mary Tinley's home in Clarksburg for the following clues. It is a broken trailer, partially submerged in toxic water, on the northwestern edge of town. Harvey Tinley still lives here, although he has been turned into a feral ghoul. He will attack on sight.

Detailed walkthrough

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Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Investigate the Picnic site for cluesBefore the war, two girls went missing from Clarksburg. I'm picking up the investigation decades later to see if I can determine what happened to them.
? Look for clues at the Wesley's HouseI found an old picnic site with two dead girls, their bikes and some board games. One of the bikes had an address to the Wesley home in Clarksburg. Investigating the Wesley home, I discovered that Chelsea Wesley had been cheating at the game while insulting her friend Mary.
? Investigate Mary Tinley's homeMy investigation into the two dead girls at the picnic site has revealed a tragic tale. Chelsea came from money, but Mary's family were poor. Despite coming from different worlds, they became friends. Chelsea would regularly cheat at all their games, refusing to believe that a girl like Mary could be allowed to win. Mary confronted her and Chelsea must have revealed her true, elitist feelings. Mary snapped and drowned Chelsea and then took her own life.


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