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Investigate the missing taxidermists.

Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy is a side quest in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.

Quick walkthrough[]

Side quest: Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy 
Go to Priblos' Curios northwest of Summersville 
Find all of the clues at the shop 
Go to the delivery site and investigate Janelle's camp 
Find all of the clues at the camp 
Kill the Beast and the Beast wolf pups
Reward: Plan: Mounted owlet 

Detailed walkthrough[]

The quest begins upon reading a note, which can be found in several locations:

Head to Priblos' Curios, a house located northwest of Summersville, on the other side of the river. Once at the location, several items have to be inspected to progress the quest further:

The next step involves traveling to the delivery site in the Ash Heap and investigating Janelle's camp, which is located just north of Hornwright air purifier site 04. Follow the blood spatters and find the following clues:

After finding the last clue, the Beast of Beckley, a legendary albino wolf and her pups will appear on the small hill, and start attacking the Vault Dweller. Once dealt with the Beast, the quest completes, and thus solves one of the several mysteries that Calvin racked his mind over while trying to find the fabled Sheepsquatch.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Go to Priblo's CuriosAccording to the missing persons poster, Janelle went to one of her hunting camps and Raymond's delivery truck is missing. If I can figure out where the truck or camp is, I might be able to locate the Priblos. My best bet is to start at their business.
? Search Priblos' Curios for directions to the hunting campThe shop, Priblo's Curios, is still basically intact. Maybe I can figure out where Raymond's truck went, or where Janelle's camp is located.
? Go to the delivery siteI found a map showing where Raymond may have driven to with his truck. The camp should be nearby. If I go to his truck, I might find Raymond at least.
? Find Janelle's hunting campRaymond's truck is here, but he's not. He probably went into the woods to find Janelle's hunting camp.
? Investigate the area around the campJanelle's camp looks abandoned, like they never returned but intended to. That's not a good sign. I should try to look around for them, just in case.
? Locate Janelle
? Locate Raymond
? Search for the cave
?Quest finishedKill the "Beast of Beckley"Janelle and Raymond are dead. They were shredded by the original "Beast of Beckley" probably, but I've taken care of its descendents at least.