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Investigate sightings of unusual white creatures at the Thomas farm.

Unsolved: Best of Intentions is a side quest in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.

Quick walkthrough

Go to Thomas farm and investigate the area for the following clues:

  • Glowing jar - Upstairs in the barn, on a shelf beside a chemistry station.
  • Relocation note - Nailed to the frame of the house's front door.
  • Veterinary diagnosis sheet - On a side table in the house.
  • Chemical barrel - On the bottom floor of the barn.
  • Chemical sample from the aerosolizer.
    • (optional) Read Mr. Thomas' terminal for clues about the chemical testing kit.
    • Get the chemical testing kit from the kitchen counter in the house.
    • Analyze the chemical sample using Mr. Thomas' terminal.

Find Mr. Thomas' hunting cabin east of East Mountain lookout to find out the truth behind the albino radstags found at the farm. A confession note detailing the events is on the floor inside the cabin.

Detailed walkthrough

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Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Search for clues at the Thomas farm (<Variable=CluesFound>/<Variable=MaxClues>)Investigate sightings of unusual white creatures at the Thomas farm.
? Pick up the Chemical Testing KitA note in Van Lowe Taxidermy referred to sightings of unnatural white creatures near the Thomas farm. I should check the place out.
? Collect a chemical sample from the AerosolizerWhile investigating the Thomas farm following a report of strange white creatures, I found evidence that Farmer Thomas was experimenting with his aerosolizer, and a note indicating that he'd gone to stay at an isolated hunting cabin with his dog.
? Analyze the chemical sample
?Quest finishedLearn the truth about the albino creaturesOne of Lowe's C.L.U.E. case files referred to sightings of a white creature near the Thomas family farm. I learned that Farmer Thomas had accidentally created the mutant albino creatures when, in an effort to cure his sick dog, he added his the dog's medication to the farm's aerosolizer.


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