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Unsent letter may refer to one of the paper notes in Fallout 76.


Three different unsent letters can be found at different locations:


Hunter's Ridge

Dearest Emily,

I managed to find a few other survivors scavenging in Sutton. They're hiding out in the woods until this whole thing blows over. Told them I used to be an avid hunter so they invited me back to their camp.

They seem like decent people, mostly.

Woke up this morning and saw Ethan and Carson building a spike pit down at the bottom of the cliff. I asked them why they were building it and all they said was "for protection."

Seriously, how the hell is a giant spike pit going to help us? I think those guys are starting to lose it. But whatever, it keeps them occupied.

In other news Madison made some fantastic stew last night. I asked her what her secret was and she told me "the extra head."

I'll come look for you soon, I promise.

Palace of the Winding Path

Dear Kirsch,
See? I told you I'd write you. You really need to get over here and check out the Palace of the Winding Path. This place is your dream. Pack up the old chem box, and meet me at the Red Rocket Mega Stop. It'll be the start of your "spiritual journey." I met a guy there that's got stuff that'll make you fly.
Just don't let any of the protectrons there catch you loitering. They're worse then cops. If worse comes to worseIn-game spelling, see if you can find their control terminal. As long as you're at least somewhat coherent, I'm sure you can put those old tech skills to use and shut them down.

Wastelanders Strange Bedfellows

My dearest Rosalynn,

It's been almost ten years since the Responders took you from me, and for once, I can take peace in the thought that you may be at rest. This is no longer the world we survived, nor the one we built. The Scorched have the upper hand now. They've got some mutated bat creatures that've been set loose, and they're destroying everything.

Harpers Ferry was wiped out. Everyone's fleeing for their lives. But I won't leave. I know you're here... somewhere.