Before Alphonse Almodovar assumed the position of overseer in the mid-2250s, this unnamed individual ruled over Vault 101.


This overseer was strongly in favor of outside contact. In that context, he assembled a survey team led by Anne Palmer for a survey of the surrounding environment in 2241. Years later, he vanished when he wandered into the Capital Wasteland. Though there were suspicions by some that Mr. Almodovar, or others who were hostile to his policies of outside contact, had a part to play in the disappearance of this overseer, nothing was ever proven.

In 2277, as the vault experienced a radroach infestation, Stanley Armstrong lamented that since Mr. Almodovar had assumed control, the quality of the vault had been deteriorating. From Mr. Stanley's lament, one could infer that the previous overseer would not have allowed such an infestation.


The history of this character came from the Prima Official Guide.


This character is only mentioned in Fallout 3.