University Point council meeting is a holotape in Fallout 4.


It can be found in the mayor's terminal, located in the upstairs area of a building to the east of the University Credit Union.



Bert Strickland: As head of the town council I call this meeting to order. In attendance this evening we have Perry Owens, Gerald Spencer, Sylvia Cooper, and myself Bert Strickland as acting council head.

Sylvia Cooper: Bert what is all this about? I've got wheat that needs bringing in.

Bert Strickland: Yesterday I received a very disturbing visitor. I managed to record part of the conversation, it's probably best if you all hear it.

Bert Strickland: I don't see anything about that in my records, what was it you said you wanted again?

Male voice: Don't toy with me. We know a girl here found some prewarIcon sic data related to energy research and you're going to give it to us.

Bert Strickland: I really have no idea what data you think we have, we're just farmers and fishers. I'd be happy to ask around for you. Please, just lower the gun.

Male voice: Look, I'm a reasonable man, but the Institute wants that data. You've got two days to get it for me and then we do this the hard way.

Gerald Spencer: Oh god, Jacqueline.

Sylvia Cooper: What has your daughter done Gerald?

Gerald Spencer: She's been saying that she was close to finding something in those old terminals she fixes up, but I don't think she's actually found anything.

Perry Owens: Bullshit, I overheard her talking to that trader last week. Something about getting ten times the price for something if she sold it in Diamond City.

Gerald Spencer: Look, just let me talk to her, see if she actually has this data or not.

Bert Strickland: Pete, sit down. We all need to remain calm about this. I need you all to keep this to yourselves for now, the last thing we need is to start a panic.


From the holotape game files it can be found that Kellogg is the unknown male voice.

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