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For the entries on terminals in and around University Point, see University Point terminal entries.

The University Credit Union terminal entries are entries found on terminals in and around the University Credit Union.

Mayor's terminalEdit

This terminal is located outside, one floor upstairs near the University Credit Union's back entrance.

:: Property of Mass. Bay University ::

=....<User "Mayor Bert Strickland" signed in>....=

Town Council LogsEdit


=...............Town Council Logs................=



* Special session brought to order
* Mayor addresses the town regarding visitor
** Visitor claims to be agent of the Institute
** claims the settlement is in possession of valuable prewar tech
** heard that it was found by a girl, Jacqueline Spencer?
* Floor opened for discussion
** Gladys Maxwell asks how we can be sure this isn't a trick
** Pete Owens suggests that Jacqueline be given up to spare the town
** Gerald Spencer threatens Pete, minor fight breaks out, quickly quelled
* Mayor regains order
** Issue to be brought to vote tomorrow night
* Meeting Adjourned



* Meeting brought to order
* Council votes on crop export limits
** Export limits capped at 20% of yealdIcon sic
* Cody Cole found playing in credit union vault
** Council votes to forgo punishment at this time
** Council votes to change vault password
** New Password: Mirelurkcakes
* Meeting Adjourned



* Meeting brought to order
* Discuss funding for an additional generator
** Funding appr0vmwahgj0 jgi0wj03h90

::: Sysem Error :::

File corruption detected.

University Mail RelayEdit


=.............University Mail Relay..............=
=........<User "BStrickland" signed in>..........=

[MLawson] - Giving up our kids?Edit


2285.8.12.17:42 Sender:[MLawson]
>> Giving up our kids?

Mayor Strickland,
Betty said that Martha told her you've been having secret meetings with agents from the Institute and agreed to give them our children. Then Will told me he heard that the Institute have a nuke planted somewhere and they are going to detonate it if we don't give them the whole harvest. What is going on??

- Martin Lawson

[CCole] - Sorry about MarthaEdit


2285.8.12.17:42 Sender:[CCole]
>> Sorry about Martha

Mayor Strickland,
I asked Martha to wait and see what you and the Council figure out rather than going on rumors, but well, you know how she is. I'm sure you got an earful, I know I have. Look it's not my place to say really, but I think you'd better try to get ahead of this. Martha and Perry are spreading rumors pretty fast so you'd probably better call a town meeting.

- Cody Cole

[MCole] - The Institute!?Edit


2285.8.12.17:42 Sender:[MCole]
>> The Institute!?

Mayor Strickland,
What is all this I've been hearing about how the Institute is going to attack if we don't give them Jacqueline? I understand that your children are grown and moved away, but I have children here. How dare you keep information like this from us!? We have a right to know about threats to our safety.

- Martha Cole

[GSpencer] - JacquelineEdit


2285.8.12.17:42 Sender:[GSpencer]
>> Jacqueline

I wish you had come to me about this first. My daughter is a smart girl and you know that. Heck she's the one who figured out how to wire into the old University Mail Relay in the first place! What proof do we have that this guy was from the Institute anyway? If she told some trader she had some valuable data, that guy might be working with your visitor. This is probably just a con, but now you've got Perry involved and he is going to be out for blood.

- Gerald

[POwens] - The girl has to goEdit


2285.8.12.17:42 Sender:[POwens]
>> The girl has to go

Godammit Bert, I can't believe you are hiding behind the "Council Charter" at a time like this. That damned Spencer girl is the one who brought the Institute down on us and if we can't give them what they want they will wipe us off the map. These kids may not believe in them, but I know your sister was killed by Synths. If she doesn't give over the data they want, I say give her to them. They can take it out of her hide instead of ours.

- Perry

Play TapeEdit


Terminal is located outside, next to the University Credit Union's back entrance.


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink

> Remote Door ControlEdit


Remote Door Control Interface
Status: Locked / Busy / Unlocked

Unlock DoorEdit


Unlocking door...

> Accessing Door...

Lock DoorEdit


Locking door...

> Initializing Door...

Lab terminalEdit

== US Army ==
<User "LMathews" signed in>

=..............Contents Classified...............=
= Unauthorized access will result in prosecution =

Research LogsEdit

Containment problemsEdit


Progress on the project has been slow so far, mostly because the Dean has been having Prof. Campbell tailed to try and figure out where the lab is. Curtis brought up the idea of giving us unrestricted access to the lab, but Prof. Campbell said that he needs to make sure things are established and safe first. Thus far we've had trouble in containing the plasmon scattering from the electron beam. I've checked and rechecked the professorsIcon sic calculations and they seem good, but it just doesn't replicate in our own practicals.

Improved scattering patternsEdit


Progress has improved now that Curtis and I have full access to the lab. My parents think I've gotten a job at the credit union and have been pushing me to go into banking. If they knew Mr. Rivera is actually a sergeant undercover, they would flip. We've been having much better results with containing the plasmons since we decided to try focusing the electron beam down to around 200 nm. The scattering patterns are showing up with much better grouping on the Cathodeluminecense graph. At this scale it may not end up being any good for reactor containment, but we might at least be able to improve energy consumption for small industrial or weaponry uses.

I can't believe Prof. Campbell used my birthday as the password, or that Curtis had to look it up!

What is going on?Edit


I don't know what's going on out there. Curtis and I were in early on Saturday so we could try to get through the daysIcon sic experiments in time to go catch a movie when we heard the sirens. Some sort of EMP knocked out the power for a few minutes and Sgt. Rivera told us to stay in the lab and not to leave till he gave us the all clear. But it's been three days and we can hear explosions going off. Prof. Campbell was supposed to be in around noon, but never showed up and our friends and parents are out there. Curtis says everything will be okay, but I can see in his eyes that he's just trying to keep it together.

Continuing the researchEdit


We've been in here a few weeks now according to the date on the terminal. An explosion took out the tunnel to the parking garage just after I make my last log entry. It's quieter, but every few hours we still hear explosions. We've decided to try to continue the research. If we are at war it might help, and if nothing else it will help us pass the time. I've been thinking that if we adjust the angle to the parabolic reflector and focus the electron beam even further it might get us what we need. Prof. Campbell had the lab stocked with plenty of food and water so we should be safe here for at least a few more weeks.

Time to leaveEdit


Small scale seemed to be the right direction. We brought the wavelength down to around 75nm and have been getting a pretty impressive capture rate. Both of the prototypes are running at a much higher capacity. We ran out of food a couple days ago, and only have a couple of cans of water left, so we have no choice but to toIcon sic leave the lab. We've no idea what we'll find out there or if anyone is still alive, but we've decided to leave one of the prototypes here, in case Prof. Campbell made it out, so he'd know we finishIcon sic it. Maybe itsIcon sic a futile gesture, but Curtis agreed with me. He asked me to marry him. If there's anything left out there. I said yes.

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Institute databank #071Edit


Institute Databank #071







Targets are Institute escapees, R3-11 (Male) and PR-15 (Female.) Both are highly trained combat units.

R3-11 "Burner" has been located with a Raider gang at Back Street Apparel

PR-15 Cpt. Janssen has been located with a Gunner squad at Hub City Auto Wreckers

They've been laying low the last couple of weeks, but I've tracked them down. R3-11 became the leader of a Raider gang and is going by the name "Burner". PR-15 assumed the name Carol Janssen and has joined the Gunners. She quickly rose in the ranks to Captain due to her battle proficiency.

During initial recon it appeared that their memories had been erased. However, the two of them began meeting in secret at Fairline Hills Estates, a previously-known rendezvous point for the Railroad that is no longer in use.

Intercepted communications between Burner and Cpt. Janssen indicate that they have somehow began to regain their memories, and are planning on fleeing the Commonwealth. They must be stopped before this can happen.

Confronting them at their respective locations would not be a good idea. The best strategy would be to wait until they're alone. Based on observations, they've been meeting every 9 days, so I'll catch them off-guard then.



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Entry 10-4-2287Edit


Been having nightmares lately. Wake up sweating. Some kind of a bright room, people in lab coats standing over me. I can't move. Then there's this creepy old house with people I feel like I recognize but have never seen. Been happening for weeks now.

The house keeps getting clearer each time. Looked like the places out at Fairline Hill Estates. I'm gonna drop by there for the hell of it and see what's around.

Entry 10-5-2287Edit


You gotta be kidding me. I went to poke around Fairline Hills and saw some Raider sneaking around the place. I snuck up on him but he was quick. He flipped around, gun out, but we immediately recognized each other. He was one of the faces from my dream! He's been having the same dreams, too. What the hell is happening?

Entry 10-14-2287Edit


We met up again last night. Both of us have been seeing Synth patrols sniffing around a lot more lately for some reason. Since we've met, our memories keep getting stronger. It seems like we used to be different people, and some sickos erased out memories! Who would do that? Who would rob us of our past like that?











B-263 - The Penthouse location has been verified as secured, and clear of any monitoring devices. The locks have also been changed. The new key can be found at drop location A-017.

Continue covert surface operations as normal, and await further instructions.


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