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University Credit Union is an unmarked location within University Point in the Commonwealth in 2287.


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The building once served as a bank for the staff and students of Massachusetts Bay University, with a robust security system including heavy duty bank vault doors. In 2077, the bank was selected as the site of Professor Stuart Campbell's lab. The vault was expanded to include an adjacent research and prototyping laboratory, with a separate access corridor through the parking lot next to the university. The main exit collapsed in the wake of the Great War, leaving only the bank vault as an escape route.


There are two entrances to the credit union. There is a "Bank" sign outside the public entrance and it gives access to a small lobby and teller area where the visitors can only catch a glimpse of the private area. The staff entrance is inside the next door diner and is controlled by a Novice-locked terminal. The backroom can be accessed through the cafeteria and a Novice difficulty terminal opening the adjacent door. The rear room has little in the way of loot. A corridor leads to the basement and employee rooms with the bank vault in the rear. The bank vault can be opened using the Novice difficulty terminal. Inside are three safes (one Advanced and two Master level). The one on the far wall contains a secret switch that opens the adjacent laboratory, left behind by Leslie Mathews and Curtis Marsh in pristine condition and untouched since the Great War. This chest can also be opened with the Campbell's safe password retrieved from the student registry computer in University Point. It is found by reading both the dean's and Professor Campbell's terminals.

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University Credit Union appears only in Fallout 4.