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The United States Navy was one of five branches of the United States Armed Forces.


Military operations

It is known to have supported U.S. military operations during the Anchorage Reclamation (including the unfortunate sinking of USS Ebon Atoll by USS Interference in December 2066[2]) and participated in the counter-invasion of the Chinese mainland. Naval fighters were responsible for coastal patrols and defense,[3][4] as well as recovery of enemy vessels captured near American shores.[5] In certain cases, the Navy would also cooperate with intelligence agencies such as the DIA in counter-espionage operations.[6]

Intelligence and counter-intelligence

Like other branches of the United States military, the Navy was involved in a number of illicit activities. The foremost of these was domestic surveillance, carried out using black sites like Sugar Grove, where Naval analysts and operatives monitored U.S. citizens for seditious activity. Appalachia was a notable example of what defined sedition: Anything that could affect the war effort, including unionization, anti-automation protests, striking, and of course, the Free States. Those who caught the eye of the Navy faced a fate worse than death: Edgar Aarsen, a union activist, was marked for surveillance in March 2075. A year later, he was abducted ("arrested"), murdered, and his children set up for adoption.[7]

The Navy did have successes in counter-intelligence that didn't involve abuse of its own citizens: The extensive surveillance campaign also turned up a number of leads that almost compromised the Chinese espionage network set up under the cover of Mama Dolce's Food Processing in Morgantown.[8]


The Navy was heavily experimenting with advanced technologies. The facility at Sugar Grove in Appalachia including radiation removal, electromagnetic pulse weapons, and most notably, highly advanced holotapes capable of storing entire mainframes thanks to highly advanced compression algorithms (Project Siphon). The Navy also used the Nuka-Cola Corporation as a proxy to test various chemical concoctions, via the Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant testing programs.[9]

Perhaps the most advanced and morally corrupt program was the Somnus Initiative carried out at the Sugar Grove black site, where abducted United States citizens were brainwashed using cutting edge technologies to act as sleeper agents for the United States government. The project had mixed success.[10]

Known vessels


The United States Navy is mentioned in Fallout 3, its add-on Point Lookout, the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor, Fallout 76, and its update Wastelanders.[14]



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