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Fly to the Foundry and help the Union stave off annihilation.

The Pitt: Union Dues is a repeatable Expeditions quest in Fallout 76. It is one of two Expeditions for The Pitt, the other being From Ashes to Fire.

Quick walkthrough[]

Unlike traditional quests, Expeditions to the Pitt have a modular nature, in which there are multiple possiblities for a task and path through, making individual walkthrough writeups difficult. In general, the structure is:

  • Lennox flies you into the Pitt.
  • You meet with Hex and she gives you a task in the open area.
  • You carry out the task, which usually involves killing a large number of Fanatics.
  • Hex calls you back to the Pittsburgh Union stronghold, The Penn. Here, you speak with Hex and optionally with Wicker about objectives in The Foundry. Take this opprotunity to use the weapon and armor benches near Wicker; because Fanatics are tougher than other enemeies, your weapons and armor will receive more wear and tear than you might be accustomed to.
  • A multi-part mission into the Foundry. The first part involves picking up dead drops of supplies left when the Union controlled the Foundry. The dead drops are represented by black tool cases with yellow clasps, and can be difficult to spot. Usually Hex will assign either two or three of these to recover.
  • Wicker's steel ingots and supply crate are optional, but make a difference in the rewards received for the expedition. You should make sure to collect the steel ingots for Wicker before collecting both dead drops, as the can be more difficult to locate once that initial primary task is accomplished. These optional objectives display with secondary objective pips on the navigation display, but only when you're within a near radius of them. The steel ingots are shown with the common ingot model, but are blackish in color so they can be difficult to spot. Ingots can also spawn in the open Pitt environment, before you reach the Foundry, and collecting all five is often the most difficult aspect of the mission. The supply crate Wicker desires is an orange crate the size of a stashbox, and also has a distinct auditory cue.
  • Once the initial portion of the Foundry mission is complete, a secondary portion initiates, wherein you have to sabotage Fanatic production of chemical weapons. This sabotage can take several forms, but generally involves getting something to put into the stocks or creation tanks.
  • Hex calls you back to the Penn, where waves of Trogs are assaulting the compound.
  • The Trogs are dead, you talk to Hex and Wicker to complete the quests.
  • Lennox flies you back to Appalachia.

The details of these tasks have several alternatives, but the pattern is as presented above. Follow nav markers and make sure you read the quest text to know what you're hunting.

Detailed walkthrough[]

Lennox flies the player to the Pitt, landing near a Pittsburgh Union leader named Hex, who tasks them with securing a nearby train depot and placing a transmitter on a supply shipment. The depot is lightly guarded, but after the transmitter is placed, three waves of enemies including at least one Fanatic foreman in power armor, appear and must be eliminated. Once this task is accomplished, Hex contacts the player on the radio, bidding them return to the Union's base, The Penn.

An alternative first act involves finding Hex wounded upon arrival, and tasking the player character to hunt down the Fanatic hit squads in the area. There are three squads, each led by a Fanatic Manhunter and culminating with a Fanatic Elite Manhunter. Each group also contains a Fanatic Protectron and various other, less powerful, members. When all three groups have been eliminated, Hex calls the player back to the Penn and the mission proceeds as before.

At the Penn, Hex reveals that the Fanatics are kidnapping people and forcing them to work at the forge. She asks you to raid The Foundry, and mentions you should talk to Wicker before heading into the fray. Wicker, standing a few steps away by a Tinker's workbench and Stashbox, requests specific things to recover from the Foundry, including ingots and a supply cache. These objectives are optional, but increase rewards at the end of the expedition.

Follow the navigation marker back out of the Penn and through the streets to the Foundry. Various Fanatics are found on the street, and will be hostile. The entrance to the Foundry is in a train tunnel near where a vertibird crashed into a cargo train. As the Player progresses through the Foundry, Hex communicates goals over the radio and Fanatics can be heard being vile to forced laborers. The first objective is a dead drop in the entrance tunnel, which a nav marker and audible clues guide you. Location of the objectives is randomized; the dead drops are a black tool case with yellow clasps.

The next objective is the dead drop in the Warehouse. Again, follow the navigation marker through an open smelter area filled with Fanatics to reach the warehouse, where audible cues will lead to a Union Dead Drop on top of a filing cabinet. Recovering it leads to another message from Hex, who reveals that the Fanatics are using the Foundry to produce chemical weapons. She requests that the player wreck the machinery used to make the weapons, as well as eliminating the existing stockpile.

Follow the navigation marker once more through the industrial scenery to reach the weapon production area. Hex will contact you again, tasking you with gathering components from enemies and containers. Chemical contaminant is an orange canister sitting on shelves; Sealing agent is in yellow crates; Unstable mixture is carried by Fanatic chemists wearing hazmat suits. Once gathered, the unstable mixtures must be added to the testing vat by way of a yellow-and-black striped pipe; the chemical contaminant goes into the stockpile by means of a control console; and the sealing agent gums up the distribution system through a gray-and-orange striped vertical pipe. When these tasks are accomplished, Hex summons you back to the Penn.

Trogs attack on the way back to the Penn and must be dealt with. This running battle culminates with a Trog devourer fighting Hex herself. Kill them all, then talk to Wicker and Hex to wrap up the expedition. Head back to Lennox and her vertibird to return to Appalachia and receive your rewards.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
I've embarked on an expedition to the Pitt, to help a Union's Local 42 fight for their home.
Make contact with HexI've landed in an industrial district in the Pitt, outside a Fanatic base called the Foundry. I need to find and speak to Hex, the local Union leader.
Speak to HexI've found Hex. Time to see what I can do to help her cause.
Hex wants to drive the Fanatics out of the nearby train depot to clear the way for an attack on the Foundry. I need to enter the depot and fight the occupying forces until I can safely say it's secured.
Get to safetyI've done as Hex asked, and now she's called me back to meet her at the Penn, the Union base in the industrial district. I should return and see what she needs help with next.
Hex has asked me to venture into the Foundry to take the fight to the Fanatics.
The Fanatics are holding Union workers captive inside the Foundry. I need to find their jailor and obtain the key that can free them.
The Union stashed caches of equipment in the Foundry back when they used to control it. Hex gave me a radio signal I can tune into to hunt them down and recover their contents.
The Fanatics have set up a chemical weapons lab inside the Foundry. I need to gather Chemical Contaminant from around the lab, Sealing Agent from containers, and Unstable Mixtures from Fanatic Chemists and use them to sabotage the lab.
The Fanatics are using the Foundry for chemical weapons testing. Luckily, we can use their own inventions against them. I need to take experimental canisters and throw them into chem vats to sabotage them.
Speak to HexI'm through with my attack on the Fanatics' base in the Foundry. Hex has called me back to the Penn outside.
I'm through with my attack on the Fanatics' base in the Foundry. Hex has called me back to the Penn outside. It sounds like she's in danger. I should hurry.
Go to the PennOn my way back to the Penn, I've come under attack by vicious mutant creatures. The Penn is surely under attack as well. I need to get back and help defend it!
Defend the Penn
Defeat the Trog Devourer
(Optional) Protect all Union defenders
Revive UnionFighter
(Optional) Speak to Wicker
(Optional) Collect steel ingots (#/#)
(Optional) Return steel ingots to Wicker
(Optional) Retrieve the Union supplies
(Optional) Return the supplies to Wicker
I've returned to the Penn to find it under attack! I need to help defend it and save as many lives as I can!
Speak to HexWe've managed to fight off the attack on the Penn. I should speak to Hex and wrap up anything I still want to do in the Pitt.
Speak to Lennox to depart when readyI'm done helping Hex in the Pitt -- for now. Time to get back to Lennox and ride the Vertibird back home.