Union's Hope Cathedral is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It lies adjacent to the Collegiate administration building in Cambridge.


The outside is guarded by feral ghouls and a graveyard is adjacent to the cathedral. The building is a large cathedral that has one main room with an altar on the other end, where Father Gabe will attack on sight. Besides Father Gabe, there are three feral ghouls in the main room. For furniture, there is nothing in the room except a mound of benches in the main room on the left side. Searching through the mound will reveal a suitcase with random loot. One of the pews has a skeletal couple sitting together, a dirty army helmet and burned book beside them.

At the end of the main hall there is an altar with candles, a silver plate and an ammo box on the floor next to it. To the left of the altar is a sleeping bag, two dirty waters and a caps stash. Glowing fungus can be found growing throughout the cathedral. There is one small side room on the right with a first aid kit and brain fungus by the doors. The side door (Advanced lock) leads out to the Cambridge cemetery.


  • Some companions may sit in the pews and pray.
  • Despite its label of "cathedral," it seems almost certainly inspired by the Memorial Hall building on Harvard's campus.


Union's Hope Cathedral appears only in Fallout 4.


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