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You may be right. Most people I meet seem to feel the same way. I used to carry around much anger about my past, and fear about what would happen to me next. But it became so heavy I was not able to take even a single step. So I had to put it all down. It may be that I'm just not as strong as most people. I will have to think on these things.

Uncle Leo is a friendly, wandering super mutant that the Lone Wanderer may meet in The Super Mutant Philosopher random encounter in 2277.


Like his fellow super mutants, Uncle Leo originates from Vault 87.[1] What makes him different is that he is pacifist in nature, and enjoys talking to people and providing them with gifts.[Non-canon 1] He was exiled from his super mutant brethren because he was exhibiting peace-like attributes. They could not tolerate his message of peace and so they cast him out. Uncle Leo has roamed the Capital Wasteland ever since.[2] If the Lone Wanderer inquires about how he became to be known as Uncle Leo, he will state that he doesn't know and has always called himself that, with it possibly being his name before his transformation or something he perhaps read in a book.[3]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character has no special interactions.

Effects of player's actions

When the Lone Wanderer first speaks to Uncle Leo, he will express surprise that they have not shot at him yet.[4] When a dialogue option appears to tell him to give up his goods (essentially "robbing" him), he gladly imparts a suit of dirty pre-War businesswear to the Lone Wanderer as a gift, wishing he could give more.[5]

Asking him what he meant when he said "before I became this" makes him reveal that super mutants are not born but are made by other super mutants in "a cold, dark, metal place." He mentions that they use the captives that they abducted to make more of themselves, but he either does not know or cannot explain how this is done.[1]

Uncle Leo can be encountered a second and third time. He will tell the Lone Wanderer that after their first encounter with him he fell into a dark cave while climbing a hill and hurt his leg. The cave turned out to be an old basement in which there were stacks of purified water. He tells them that after he got out of the basement he has been hunted by a group of "bleeders" (as super mutants refer to humans) and that he was forced to abandon the water he was carrying.[6] As with the first encounter, he will offer the Lone Wanderer another suit of dirty pre-War businesswear. At the third meeting, the Lone Wanderer can express their concern for Uncle Leo, believing the wasteland to be too dangerous for him; given his previous run-in with humans. He will explain that if he allowed his own worries to get the better of him, he would never take another step.[7]


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Dirty pre-War businesswear Super mutant blood sample Broken Steel


  • Uncle Leo is unarmed and only wears a pair of shorts. He is non-aggressive and will never initiate combat (even against yao guai or deathclaws), and will flee if he detects a hostile creature nearby. However, he will defend himself if physically harmed. He will also assist the Lone Wanderer in combat if he is nearby.
  • Uncle Leo is one of the two friendly super mutants in the game, the other being Fawkes.
  • Uncle Leo cannot be pickpocketed.
  • Uncle Leo remains in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas, however, his skin color is the same as a super mutant instead of yellow green.
  • If the Lone Wanderer happens to have Fawkes as a companion while meeting Uncle Leo a second time, he will express his shock at seeing another super mutant like him.[8]

Notable quotes


Uncle Leo appears in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

Uncle Leo's dialogue when the Lone Wanderer tries to rob him, where he tells them the clothes are a gift and he wishes he could give the Lone Wanderer the "wonderful moon," comes from a Zen Buddhist koan.[Non-canon 2]


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