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At the end of the Divide, through the trenches and wreckage - that's where you'll find me. My new home, here, amongst dead men.Ulysses

Ulysses' Temple is a location in the Divide in 2281. It is the home of Ulysses, and his shrine to the Old World. The "temple" is the largest nuclear silo found in the Divide, capable of launching several nuclear missiles simultaneously.


The entrance area of the temple has two doors that require accessing a terminal for entrance, though there is nothing behind them. Once the turrets and sentry bots are either disabled with the Robotics Expert perk or destroyed, the computer terminal will show the option to unlock the second pod, releasing ED-E.

The third door leads to a missile complex, which upon arrival is in a countdown to launch. An Old World flag can be seen towards the far end, and Ulysses stands here upon entering for the first time. There are six nuclear missiles, three in holding frameworks in a pit to the left and three in holding frameworks in a pit to the right. On the main level, a wide array of consoles can be seen. Included here is the launch control console Ulysses used to prepare the loaded missile. The console can be accessed after convincing Ulysses to stand down or by killing him.

There are two eyebot control consoles, used to shut down or reprogram the repair and medical eyebots, with one console at the far end of each missile pit. Unless they are shut down or reprogrammed, Ulysses will make use of the eyebots during the battle against him. The consoles are inactive until Ulysses is spoken to. Shutting down the eyebots requires a Science or Repair skill of 100. Reprogramming them to fight against Ulysses requires a Science and Repair skill of 100.

There are six loose warheads scattered throughout the chamber which can be detonated for the Warhead Hunter challenge. The warheads on the missiles themselves do not detonate.

Notable loot[]


On PC, upon revisiting the temple, one may use the tcl console command to clip into the ground and find ED-E there. However, ED-E cannot be interacted with.


Ulysses' Temple appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.